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Poem1-Thank God! Poem2-Mr.Wrong Poem3-Memories...Poem4-Crystal Poem5-My Soul... Poem6-Santa on Castleridge Lane Poem7-Please? Poem8-Making Amends Poem9-Waiting...Poem10-I Wish...

(Thank God!)

Got out of bed this morning,
glad to have breath.
I took a deep one.....
and thanked God for my health.

I pulled my curtains to look....
Oh, what a beautiful day to me!
I stared in awe....
and thanked God for giving me eyes to see.

I opened the door and smelled....
the flowers and the trees,
and thanked God
for the nose he gave me.

I walked to the kitchen,
cooked some bacon and eggs.
Put the coffee on,
and thanked him for my legs.

Woke my husband for work....
with a smile and a hug,
and thanked God
for the man that I love.

Woke Angie for school....
Oh, what a chore!
But then God....
What are kids for?

Everything done,
I sat down to take a little time,
to thank God for everything
he's given to me and mine.

We get busy with our lives,
sometimes we go so fast....
Stop and smell the roses,
and thank Him first and last.

The Poem above has been chosen to be published in my copyright by The International Library of Poetry, Washington,D.C. and will be printed in a book called "A Palette of Life"...due out in the Spring,2000.This is an honor for me!!

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When I met you,
I thought you were Mr. Right.
We laughed and talked and sang,
and held each other tight.

When does right turn to Mr. Wrong?
Arguments everyday,
Tears of frustration....
and feeling you don't want to stay.

Are my expectations too high....
do I want too much?
All I want is love,
a meaningful relationship, a soft touch.

Some understanding would be nice....
You could be my best friend.
Your heart is cold,
but you could let me in.

Living together,
we have tried....
TV was your favorite,
Computer was mine.

We'd try to talk sometimes
but could never agree....
on anything,
regardless of what it may be.

So, Mr. Right is Mr. Wrong....
Ms. Right is Ms. Wrong.....
We tried it out to see.


I woke up this morning....
and the rain was beating down.
Beating down like weight upon my shoulders.
I ask God, why couldn't I wake up to sounds?

Sounds of my man,the kids,laughter,warmth,
but this house just keeps getting colder.
I am alone....
with only my thoughts of yesterdays.

Yesterdays were busy,fun,with lots of love.
Where did it all go?
Why did the time pass and things change?
Changes that have come to push and shove.

There is no rainbow, only the thunder....
Lightning streaking the sky!
A sky so dark and gloomy,
as if it were night.

The gloom is in the house,
and I am all alone.
Alone,with nothing but memories
of days long gone.

My hair has turned to silver....
I have become old.
Old and weary,
and a tear falls down my wrinkled cheek.

Soon I will be forgotten
as time passes on....
On to the young folks
and their time to make....
Memories to keep.


Each morning I get up,
and the first thing I do....
is get on the WebTV,
and send a card to you.

Before school, the first thing you do....
is open your card,and send me an e-mail or two.
You ask if I'm on....
I always say yes.
Each morning we ask the same questions,
I must confess!

I ask did you like your card,
you always say yes....
You ask to come over after school...
unless you have something else important to do.

I remind you to "Be good at School"
and learn as much as you can.
Be nice to the kids
and the teachers too!

Crystal is 8.....
she was born on Thanksgiving Day.
Red hair and a Turkey for sure, I'd say!

"Hugs" Aunt Barb.

(My Soul)

I am sitting here alone,
gasping for air...sinking.
The room is filling up with tears,
and trying to drown my soul.

My soul...what did I do to you...
To cause this rain?
I look outside,
The sun is shining and the sky is blue.

Blue is a color, a nice one too!
But as I sat here drowning...
I realize blue doesn't always mean nice,

When the clouds roll first a few.
Then all hell breaks loose...
Thunder is my groans, lightning is my pain.
The storm is severe with lots of rain,
I drown!

This Poem "My Soul" has also been picked
to be published by the International Library of Poetry!
Due in bookstores...Summer 2000

(Santa on Castleridge Lane)

Decided to take a drive,
Robert, Marie, and me.
To look at Christmas lights...
and see the pretty trees.

We chose a street, right here in town,
that is always fixed up nice!
We drove real slow and looked....
and some we looked at twice.

We oohed and awed....
each house we came to.
Trying to decide the prettiest one,
which was very hard to do.

When all of a sudden,
the most special one caught my eye...
there was Santa Claus in the yard,
greeting each Passerby!!

I blinked real hard and looked again,
to make sure he was real.
And sure 'nuff, it was him...
Santa Claus, the old man!

He appeared to look young,
but I knew he couldn't be.
Santa was around 40 years ago...
as a kid I sat on his knee!

We pulled up and stopped,
He walked up...shook my hand with a smile.
I ask, "How ya doing Santa Claus?"
He said, "Fine, been awful busy for awhile!"

"Lots of children to see,
and even old folks like us 3.
Keeping me busy...
for everyone I see!"

He gave us each a candy cane,
and as we pulled away...
I laughed and said,
"That sure made my day!"


Moments, days, weeks...
spent in this place.
Among so many...
a stranger's face.

I am sick Lord,
no one can look inside me.
To feel the pain, Oh God!
Mental Illness can be.

But yet we have a common bond,
of people brought here.
Trying to get well...
and feelings of fear.

So scared at first...
Just reaching out...
trying to feel "normal" again,
is what we're all about.

Lord, heal our minds...
and give us Peace.
We ask in your name,

(Making Amends)

A spark in my heart has started,
in the sparkle of his blue eyes.
Does he want to change his life,
or live alot of lies?

Lying to himself, family, and friends,
trying to please them today,
and tomorrow...
making amends.

Amends for alot of things,
he hasn't done wrong.
Just trying to please too many people,
forever too long.

Long time of pulling,
in so many ways...
I've prayed to God to help him,
this good man find his way.

A way to let grief...
be a thing of the past.
And find his way to happiness,
That will forever last!


The morning is so sad...
I opened my door.
And you are not hanging around outside,
no more.

I hear the birds singing,
the air is blowing my hair.
But without you here...
I just don't care.

The coffee is no good,
Cigarettes have lost their taste.
As the sky lightens....
I will put a smile on my face.

My next-door neighbor....
and I know where you are.
At a place getting help for alcohol,
So you can be that person that at one time went far.

I miss you dearly,
Get well my love.
I'll be here waiting...and so will God up above.

(I Wish...)

I wish I had a special star...
to wish on and it'd come true.
Of just what I want to be,
and what I want to do.

I'd wish for all people,
to have good health and plenty to eat.
A nice place to live in,
with a yard full of flowers and trees... a way
to stay cool in the Summer,
and in Winter always have some heat.

I'd wish for true happiness...
and a strong family life.
To live with good morals for an example,
so our kids would all grow up right.

I'd wish for all to worship God,
and appreciate what he did for us.
No sex, but religion in schools,
that would be a must!

I wish I had a special star,
to wish upon tonight...
for Our Country and her people,
no sadness...World Peace without a fight.

(copyright Barbara November 2001)

This is an Award I am very honored to have won.
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