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List of Winners!

(These are the first 12 Winners of my Awards.
Too numerous to list them all.
I have been honored to give my Award to the people on my AWARD the order listed.
Bittysis was 1st.She is my 7 yr.old neice and my e-mail buddy!

VeggieJ did not apply for my Award. I gave it to him as a "Thank You Token." He has been my #1 man sitting at his Web to help me anytime I have ask! :>) Please visit his Homepage and you can click onto it from my list of favorites on my

Tigerlily is the 3rd. winner and the 1st.award I won was from her. She has a very nice Homepage at: " 1871"

Pat's Cat's has won the 4th. award and you can see her wonderful Homepage in my "List of Banners."

Christopher's Homepage has won the 5th.award and he is on my in my list of Favorites.

The 6th.winner was Webwoman's Place listed in my Favorites on my

7th. winner was Railbird's Nest and the 8th. was Lloyd's Homepage.

My 9th.winner is Q-zone and his Homepage addy is ex.html

#10 is Dotty's Homepage at: /3830

#11 is Sumners Place at: ndex.html

#12 Winner is Teri's Homepage at: ex.html

This is a little favorite gif' of mine.

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Winners of my Award!