Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith
1963 - 2002
You're missed.

DarkWorrior's Xena Altar is no more. However, some pages from this site still remain, namely the entire site I built protesting the censorship of The Way. If you didn't keep up closely with the censorship protest, or if you didn't join the fandom until after the protest, or if you're just interested about protests of television censorship, I invite you to visit, read the story, and check out some of the other main sites that were forged in battle and lead the army of protest.

If you're looking for the academic part of this page that included essays on Queen Boadicea of the Iceni and the list of Amazons that took me forever to research, you'll want to go to my Ancient History page. This work has been copy-righted and accordingly published on and offline, and is used in cirricula in various junior schools and colleges in North America and Europe to teach the roles of women warriors in ancient times; please be mindful of the copyright. It's there for a reason.

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