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Contents of Beagle Rabbit Hunting Dog Page


The Beagle is a small breed of hound with the appearance of a miniature foxhound. The true origin of the beagle are not known. It has been used in Europe as a packhound and to hunt rabbits.


The Beagle has long rounded ears. It has a slightly curved tail. The color can very with the particular dog.


The Beagle is said by some to be one of the most outstanding rabbit hunting dogs ever bred. It has a good nose and a very good instinct to run rabbit. One minor draw back is its love to run deer. This problem must be addressed early if the dog is to make a good rabbit hunter. Beagles have a slow pace compared to faster fox hounds and breeds of larger dogs. They have been used in field trials since 1888. The National Beagle Club held the very first of such trials. Today, anually there is about 3,000 trials of this nature devoted to the beagle.


There are many ways to go about training of the beagle. Some work better than others. The first thing is to teach the dog to come when called. The best way, in my openion is to reward the dog for coming to its name with a milk bone,etc. After this has been achieved, at about 3 months of age take the dog on short trips to the woods. Let it sniff around. Keep a close eye on him. At about 4 to 5 months of age you must make a choice on how to go about training him. You can send him to a training pen, put him with an experienced dog, or teach him with training scent and a lot of hard work. I have always used the 3rd method but many people have success with the other 2. After your dog has sucsufully ran a few rabbits, you now should deer proof. There are many ways to do this as well. People have put the dog in a barrol with a deer hide and rolled him down a hill. Please dont do this. It probally wont train the dog but it will make him terrified of you. Try using a shock collar and letting him chase a deer and zap him. You could also hang a deer gland from and electric fence and let him sniff and get zapped. Another way is to put a deer hide on him, hair side down, and add scent to it. Have some one who won't be handling him to zap him with a cattle prod. Make sure he is tied or pened so he doesen't run away. Make him get it off himself. Don't touch him for a few minutes after he gets it off, because he will bite. Some people teach their dog to load. You may want to build a small ramp and coax your dog up until it understands that when you slap the tailgait of the truck or whatever that means to jump in.


I currently have 2 beagles. They are Earnie and Bud. I got them form my Pop. He knows dogs. He traded some walkers for them. I named them after the breeders. They are 14" and 15". I had a 13" beagle named Rubbin. I think he was stolen or killed. People run deer with beagles here and they didnt know he was deer proof. They are just a little over a year old. Earnie the 14" inch beagle will be breeding a bitch pretty soon. I hope to get a pair of pups out of 'em.


Beagles don't need elaborate housing or anything like that. All they need is a dry, warm, draft free place to stay. They need to be excercised to stay healthy. If you live somewhere where you can't let them run a few times a week, you must walk them. You should have a pen that can be cleaned easily. Many people prefer concrete but it is expensive. Give them straw or wood chips to lay in. Change it frequently. This keeps down on smell and flys, ticks, and other parasites.


Feeding of Beagles is relatively simple. Find a good dry food at least 21% protine and 8% fat. If you plan to run your dogs frequently you will probally need a feed form 24% protine to 27% protine. Give him plenty of water. Make sure it stays clean.


It is important to worm beagles at least every 6-8 weeks depending on the kind of medicen you use. You should use different kinds so worms don't get immune to the medicen you use. You should give a puppy a 7 in 1 shot. You should give it a 7 in 1 again each year. You should also keep it tick and flea free. Lindane is a good tick and flea medicen. Dip them often especially in the summer. You should also give a rabies vaccine each year. Take the dog to the vet for a check up often. You may want an estimate because vets can be high. My pop is a vet so I get my vet work for free. Keep sick dogs away form healthy ones. You can use peroxide for cuts. Keep them clean to avoid infection.

This page will be updated periodically. If you have information you would like me to display, e-mail it to me and I will display it for you. I will put advertisments or what ever below. Remember all information on this page is my personal opinion. You may agree or disagree. If you find some fact on my page that is incorrect I would appriciate you e-mailing me and letting me know. Hope You have enjoyed the page.


For sale:Beagle puppies from 8 to 10 weeks. All registered. E-mail me for info. I will post info on dogs, pups, traning supplys, rabbits, services, or anything else related to beagles. Please include your e-mail address for people to get more info.


little pack Bentonville, AR for more info call 501-273-0699 progressive pack friendship, ar 870-887-6008 (next 5 months several times) This is in Arkansas only. Due to limited space I don't put dates. Call for more info. ** The brucelossis test is no longer required. .**

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