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Brent Hite's "Arkansas" Arrowhead Collection

Indian Artifacts

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Not many seem to know much about the history of my hunting grounds. All I have been able to find out so far is the area where I find most of my artifacts, was home to many Indians for about three thousand years. I have read about the travels of Hernando De soto and his trail lead him close to the area of my site. I hope to learn more about who roamed the grounds of Jackson County Arkansas. If any of you that read this have anything to share about this area, please contact me. My "History" section will be updated as I learn more about the please return to my page from time to time.

"My Story"

I started looking for arrowheads as a young lad in Jackson, County Arkansas. My grand father, James Roy Hite, farmed a chunk of ground that happened to be loaded with arrowheads and other Indian artifacts. For forty years now, artifacts still continue to surface with each washing rain. I am a third generation hunter. My Father, Gordon Ray Hite, also has a nice collection from this same location. I will always have fond memories of my grand father, father, and myself walking the grounds of the old farm together. I hope you have found my pictures interesting. I had a good time searching the history revealing earth for my treasures of the past.

"About Me"

I am a 33 year old single (haha!) white male for starters and I live in Greers Ferry, Arkansas on "Beautiful" Greers Ferry Lake. I love hunting, fishing, camping, boating, and just about everything outdoors. I tie flies for trout fishing as a hobby (no orders please) and I enjoy spending many hours on the net. I don't have much use for television but I do like the radio. I play guitar and drums and I also write music. Oh, yes...I almost forgot. I love looking for artifacts!!! Good luck, Be Safe, and take a kid arrowhead hunting when you can.

Good Bye & God Bless.

I would like to say "Thankyou" for viewing my page. Please feel free to send questions or comments to the address below.

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