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Records And Facts On Horses

-the tallest horse known was an English Shire called Mammoth which stood at 21.1 hands high Here are some records and facts on horses

- The US Pony Express ran from Missouri to California a distance of 3,164km. This was covered by 400 ponies in a relay over 10 days

- When spoken to horses can distinguish particular words rather than simple tones

- Shetland pit ponies worked underground for about 20 years

- The oldest known thoroughbred was a chestnut gelding called Tango Duke and was born in 1935 in Victoria, Australia and lived for 42 years

- The smallest and lightest horse in the world was reckoned to be Little Pumpkin, a miniature horse foaled in the USA in 1973. When 2 years old, it was 3.5hands high and just over 9kgs

- The heaviest weight ever pulled by two horses was recorded in 1893 and was by 2 Clydesdales. At first it was thought that they had pulled 131 tons but recent estimates put that load to about 50 tons.

- The oldest horse ever to give birth was a 42 year old Australia brood-mare

- A horse called Maud grew the longest mane and it grew to a length of 5.5 metres

- The longest tail ever measured was 6.7 metres long and belonged to an American Palomino called Chinook

- Horses were first used for public transport in Britain in 1564