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Colours And Markings

Grey A mixture of black and white hairs throughout. The coat varies from light to iron (very dark). The skin is black

Fleabitten Grey Grey coat flecked with brown specks

Dappled Grey Light grey base coat with dark grey rings

Bay Reddish coat with black mane, tail and points. The coat colour may vary from red to brown or yellowish

Black All black except for white markings on the face or legs

Chestnut Varies from a pale golden colour to a rich red gold. The mane and tail may be lighter or darker than the coat

Liver Chestnut The darkest of the chestnut shades

Sorrel Light red chestnut

Brown A mixture of black and brown hairs, with black limbs, mane and tail. A very dark brown horse may look black

Blue Roan Black or brown body with white hairs giving a blue tinge

Dun Light sandy coloured coat with black mane and tail

Palomino Gold coat with silvery mane and tail

Piebald Large, irregular patches of black and white

Skewbald Large irregular patches of white and any colour except black

Cream Creamy coloured coat

Facial Markings: These include: star, stripe, interrupted stripe, snip, blaze, white face and white muzzle

Leg Markings: For registration purposes leg markings are described in detail, using points of the anatomy: eg. white to fetlock, white to knee, white to hock etc.

Hoof Colours: The horn of the hoof can vary from blue to black and may be marked with dark stripes.