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Horse Breeds

There are many horse and pony breeds in the world. I am going to tell you about the most well known breeds. If you want information on a breed that isnít on the page e-mail and I will send you the information. If you really want me to put a breed up I will.

Arab: Height: 14.2-15hh. Colour: Predominantly chestnut, grey, bay and black. Conformation: Small head with broad forehead, fine muzzle, concave profile, wide nostrils and small ears; deep, clearly defined jowl with throat set into it in a distinctly arched curve; long sloping shoulders with well defined withers; deep roomy body with a broad deep chest and a short level back; high set tail; hard clean limbs with well defined tendons and dense fine bone; hard well shaped feet; fine silky mane and tail.

Thoroughbred: Height: Variable. May be as small as 14.2hh. Or sometimes over 17hh. Average 16-16.6hh Colour: All solid colours, the most common being bay, chestnut or brown. Also grey, black and roan. White markings permissible. Conformation: Variable. But the horses have excellent conformation characterized by a refined intelligent head; elegant neck; well-sloped shoulders; short strong body; muscular hindquarters with well set tail.

Anglo-Arab: Height: Around 15.3-16.3hh Colour: Usually chestnut, bay or brown Conformation: Variable but the best horses tend towards good thoroughbred conformation: intelligent head with straight profile, expressive eyes and alert ears; long neck with more prominent withers than the Arab; sloping shoulders; short strong body more sturdy than the thoroughbred; deep chest; long hindquarters; sound limbs and well-shaped feet.

Danish Warmblood: Height: 15.3-16.3 Colour: All colours occur Conformation: Quality head; long well set on neck; good shoulders with prominent withers; muscular back and lions; long croup; strong limbs with long forearms; well defined joints and good bone.

Trakehner: Height: Average 16-16.2hh Colour: Any solid colour Conformation: Refined head with large eyes and small muzzle; elegant neck; well sloped shoulders; strong medium length body, well ribbed up; well rounded hindquarters; hard limbs with short cannons and excellent sound feet.

Hanoverian: Height: 15.3-16.2hh Colour: All solid colours Conformation: Medium sized head, clean cut and expressive, with large, lively eyes; long, fine neck, large sloping shoulders with pronounced withers; strong deep body; muscular hindquarters with well set tail; well muscled limbs with good joints and well-formed hard hoofs.

Hackney Pony: Height: Not exceeding 14hh Colour: Usually dark brown, black, bay or chestnut Conformation: Small head with a small muzzle, large eyes and small ears; fairly long well formed neck; powerful shoulders and low withers; compact body; with very deep chest; short legs with well let down hocks and well shaped feet.

Shagya Arab: Height: 14-15hh Colour: Predominantly grey but all other Arab colours occur Conformation: Refined head, with dished profile, small, tapered muzzle and large eyes; elegant, curved neck; sloping shoulders; short back with strong lions; high set tail; good strong limbs and well formed feet.

Quarter Horse: Height: 14.3-16hh Colour: Any solid colour Conformation: Short wide head with small muzzle, large wide set intelligent eyes; sloping shoulders and well defined withers; compact body with broad chest; deep girth. Short back, well sprung ribs and powerful lions; broad, deep, well muscled hindquarters with long, gently sloping croup; good limbs; oblong feet with deep open heels.

Welsh Mountain Pony: Height: Not exceeding 12hh Colour: Grey, bay, chestnut and palomino and any solid colour permitted Conformation: Small, clean cut head, with bold eyes, small pointed ears and open nostrils; lengthy, well carried neck; long sloping shoulders; strong back with girth; well sprung ribs and strong lions; fine hindquarters with tail well set and carried gaily; good strong limbs; well shaped feet, of dense hard horn.

Barb: Height: 14.2-15.2hh Colour: Predominantly grey, bay, brown and black Conformation: Narrow head; arched neck; flat shoulders with well defined withers; short strong body; sloping hindquarters with fairly low set tail; rather slender but strong limbs; narrow but hard feet

Irish Draught: Height: 15.2-16hh Colour: All solid colours Conformation: Small intelligent head; sloping shoulders; strong body with deep chest and oval rib cage; powerful hindquarters; strong limbs; no feathers on legs

Swedish Warmblood: Height: 15-17hh Colour: Any solid colour Conformation: Variable. Usually has a handsome head, with wide forehead with intelligent eyes; long neck; well portioned body, hindquarter and limbs

Australia Stock Horse: Height: 15-16.3hh Colour: Any solid colour Conformation: There is considerable variation but the best types are similar to a Thoroughbred, with particularly good sound limbs and feet

Appaloosa: Height: 14.2-15.2hh Colour: Spotted Conformation: The Appaloosa is a compact horse with a well shaped neck; strong back, powerful hindquarters and strong limbs with extremely good hard feet which makes them excellent riding horses