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*Touched By An Angel* Episode Guide

~Seasons 1 through 5 Episode Guide~

#101 SOUTHBOUND BUS Written by: Martha Williamson Monica’s first assignment as a Case Worker.

#102 SHOW ME THE WAY HOME Written by: Chris Ruppenthal Monica helps bitter baseball coach (Kevin Dobson).

#103 FALLEN ANGELA Written by: Martha Williamson & Marilyn Osborn Ex-callgirl tries to commit suicide rather than tell Senate-candidate husband.

#104 TOUGH LOVE Written by: Del Shores Phylicia Rashad as alcoholic journalist.

#105 CASSIE'S CHOICE Written by: Dawn Prestwich & Nicole Yorkin Teen gives the baby up for adoption. ...

#106 THE HEART OF THE MATTER Written by: Chris Ruppenthal Young lawyer (Peter Scolari) gives an inheritance to wrong woman and must convince her to give it back.

#107 UNEXPECTED SNOW Written by: Martha Williamson Two women involved with same man (Ed Marinaro) spend Thanksgiving together. AOD Adam doesn't have the heart to kill the turkey for dinner.

#108 MANNY Written by: Dawn Prestwich & Nicole Yorkin Homeless child gets adopted by society doctor and his wife.

#109 THE HERO Written by: Marilyn Osborn Small town sheriff pushes his to cheating and attempted suicide.

#110 FEAR NOT Written by: Ken LaZebnik Randy Travis Christmas pageant episode.

#111 THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD Written by: Martha Williamson & R.J. Colleary Monica is stripped of her angel powers to help a proud, homeless man (Gregory Harrison).

#112 IN THE NAME OF GOD Written by: Martha Williamson John Schneider as Satan preaching white supremacy has turned man Tess had helped as an abused kid.

#113 ANGELS ON THE AIR Written by: R.J. Colleary Estranged Mom and daughter in radio.

#201 SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL Written by: R.J. Colleary Jasmine Guy as a fallen angel and Stacey Keach as a dying rodeo veteran estranged from his son and grandson.

#202 INTERVIEW WITH AN ANGEL Story by: Marilyn Osborn & Martha Williamson Monica tells reporter about surgeon who saved drunken driver who had killed his children.

#203 THE DRIVER Written by: Glenn Berenbeim TV reporter is a hit-and-run driver.

#204 TRUST Written by: Jule Selbo Cop (Joe Penny) returning to the force after being shot wound is addicted to pills.

#205 OPERATION SMILE Written by: Martha Williamson & Bob Colleary & Glen Berenbeim Exotic dancer mom thinks daughter’s cleft palate is punishment from God.

#206 REUNION Written by: Valerie Woods Natalie Cole as HIV+ woman whose high school friend proposes marriage anyway.

#207 THE BIG BANG Written by: Ken LaZebnik Monica reveals herself to the unborn child while locked in vault with pregnant wife of bank-robber.

#208 UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE Written by: Martha Williamson Piecing together fragmented memories of a shooting.

#209 THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY Written by: Deb Smith & Danna Doyle Man is reunited with and later rejects ex-girlfriend who had ruined another friend's life. Andrew’s first episode

#210 TIL WE MEET AGAIN Written by: Martha Williamson Family falls apart learns to forgive as father’s dying.

#211 THE FEATHER Written by: Valerie Woods & Ken LaZebnick & Robin Sheets Teleplay by: Ken LaZebnick & Valerie Woods Randy Travis sequel with con-man brother duping church congregation.

#212 ROCK 'N' ROLL DAD Written by: Andrew Smith A Martinez as Rock star who fell apart after wife killed in a car accident, almost loses his daughter as a result.

#213 INDIGO ANGEL Written by: Glen Berenbeim & Bob Colleary Hal Linden as dying nightclub owner fallen hard times. Jazz greats gueststar with Tess as "The Countess".

#214 JACOB'S LADDER Teleplay by: Martha Williamson Story by: Ken LaZebnick Monica arrested and stuck in mental ward with Claire (Cindy Williams) an angel who has lost her memory.

#215 OUT OF THE DARKNESS Written by: R.J. Colleary Abusive guy comes out of five year coma to find wife about to marry his former business partner.

#216 LOST AND FOUND Written by: Debbie Smith & Danna Doyle Andrew at Center for Missing Children. Detective being led astray by Kathleen (Jasmine Guy).

#217 - DEAR GOD Written by: Glenn Berenbeim Elliott Gould as a bitter Holocaust survivor/postal worker who aids an abused girl who had written to God.

#218 - THE PORTRAIT OF MRS. CAMPBELL Written by: Susan Wick Mother of hidden institutionalized son bickers with pregnant daughter-in-law while known son is at sea.

#219 - THE QUALITY OF MERCY Written by: Andrew Smith Ted Shackleford as former soap opera actor coping with being a has-been, his teen son and having had an affair.

#220 STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS Written by: Danna Doyle and Debbie Smith Sister behind the scenes directing her tabloid talkshow host sister’s every move on TV.

#221 FLESH AND BLOOD Written by: R.J. Colleary Son accused of murder, mother comes to doubt his innocence after acquittal. Innocent son feels betrayed.

#222 BIRTHMARKS Written by: Ken LaZebnick William Daniels as a potter whose son, dying of cancer, and wife are having a baby with a surrogate mother.

#X99 PROMISED LAND Written by: Martha Williamson Introduces Greene family and sets up premise of spinoff show "Promised Land".

#301 SINS OF THE FATHER Written by: Debbie Smith and Danna Doyle Teenager and father both on death row. The angels want to keep the younger son out of the gangs.

#302 A JOYFUL NOISE Written by: Katherine Ann Jones Dwight Schultz as grieving father/child psychiatrist for a young girl who claims to hear the voices of angels.

#303 RANDOM ACTS Written by: R.J. Colleary and Martha Williamson John Ritter as discouraged High School teacher left to die in woods following random act of violence.

#304 WRITTEN IN DUST Teleplay by: Ken LaZebnik and Jack LaZebnik Story by: Ken LaZebnik Archaeologist at a Navajo excavation site, receives a surprise visit from his dying grandfather (Harold Gould).

#305 SECRET SERVICE Written by: Kathleen McGhee-Anderson Female Secret Service agent makes friends with elderly Ben Vereen who teaches her to enjoy fishing and life.

#306 GROUNDRUSH Teleplay by: Burt Pearl Story by: Glenn Berenbeim Monica lies to protect a "perfect" aviator (Robert Hays) who is wanted for murder.

#307 THE SKY IS FALLING Written by: Glenn Berenbeim Halloween episode with flashback to ‘The War of the Worlds" hysteria and Monica and Tess’s first meeting.

#308 SOMETHING BLUE Written by: Jennifer Wharton and Susan Cridland Wick Brides ‘dead’ father shows up for the wedding. The three angels perform the wedding ceremony.

#309 INTO THE LIGHT Written by: R.J. Colleary David Marciano as a con-man who has a heart attack and sees Andrew in front of the Light retreating from him. He then decides to earn points with God by doing good-deeds. In the hospital he befriends Elvis fan Amy Ann (Kirsten Dunst) who is dying from cystic fibrosis.

#310 THE HOMECOMING, Part I Written by: Martha Williamson and William Schwartz Delta Burke as a drug addict who turns out to be Nathaniel Greene’s mother. Cross-over episode.

#311 THE JOURNALIST Written by: Ken LaZebnik Reporter twists story and destroys reputation of elderly foster parent couple. Andrew saves them from suicide.

#312 THE VIOLIN LESSON Written by: Glenn Berenbeim Son dying from AIDS tells his family he’s gay and is rejected by his father as was the violin he started making at the son’s Christmas birth had been rejected due to a flaw in the wood. A flaw that becomes a Christmas tree.

#313 FORGET-ME-NOT Written by: Burt Pearl Photographer daughter rebels against her mother (Carol Lawrence) who has a life-threatening brain tumor.

#314 SMOKESCREEN Written by: Rosanne Welch & Christine Pettit Tess represents class-action suit against Tobacco company whose lawyer is the son of former family servants.

#315 CLIPPED WINGS Written by: R.J. Colleary Episodes clips as Monica and gets tricked by Kathleen (Jasmine Guy) and misses her performance evaluation.

#316 CRISIS OF FAITH Written by: William Schwartz Chad Everett as a guilt-ridden minister who has a head-on car crash with his son—who dies.

#317 ANGEL OF DEATH Teleplay by: Glenn Berenbeim Story by: George Taweel & Rob Loos Corbin Bernsen as an illusionist with a guilt complex due to his twin’s "death".

#318A AMAZING GRACE Part I Written by: Martha Williamson Cross-over with Josh Greene and blind Monica helping a rich white kid who inherits an inner-city strip-mall.

#318B AMAZING GRACE Part II Written by: Martha Williamson & E.F. Wallengren & William Schwartz Repercussions of the drive-by shooting that ended part 1 and the community coming together.

#319 LABOR OF LOVE Written by: Susan Wick Priscilla Presley as a doctor who delivers her husband’s mistresses baby while aboard an airplane.

#320 HAVE YOU SEEN ME? Teleplay by: Pamela Redford Russell Story by: R.J. Colleary Boy sees his little brother on a milk carton, discovers he was stolen as a baby for an illegal adoption.

#321 LAST CALL Written by: Ken La Zebnick Monica tries to give away a miracle in a bar but no one believes her. Pool-playing AOD.

#322 MISSING IN ACTION Written by: Rosanne Welch & Christine Pettit The "Colonel" (Darren McGavin) falls for an aged Monica.

#323 AT RISK Written by: Kathleen McGhee-Anderson Juvenile Delinquent Jason does community service helping Kelly, a girl with cerebral palsy.

#324 FULL MOON Written by: Glenn Berenbeim Fireman (Alex McArthur) and his wife (Jessica Steen) deal with parole of her rapist (Chris Noth).

#325 AN ANGEL BY ANY OTHER NAME Written by: Burt Pearl Woman (Diane Ladd) is upset when Down syndrome group home opens next door. Chris Burke introduced as angel Taylor.

#326 INHERIT THE WIND Written by: R.J. Colleary Bill Cosby as one of many angels who help a spoiled rich brat adopt a newborn abandoned baby! Hello?!

#327 A DELICATE BALANCE Story by: Jennifer Wharton Teleplay by: Dana Doyle & Debbie Smith Gymnast pushed by widowed Mom (recently widowed Dee Wallace Stone); younger son feels ignored.

#401 GREAT EXPECTATIONS Written by: Roseanne Welch & Christine Pettit Couple contemplate abortion as their baby will have Down Syndrome. Chris Burke returns as Taylor.

#402 NOTHING BUT NET Written by: Daniel H. Forer & R.J. Colleary Basketball player is bad role-model for teen. Introduces Alexis Cruz as "teen angel" Rafael.

#403 JOE'S RETURN ( aka The Road Home, Part One) Written by: E.F. Wallengren & Mimi Schmir Cross-over with Richard Thomas as black-sheep Joe Greene; kills man and son in road-rage wreck.

#404 CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT Written by: Suzonne Stirling Young girl gets an education after joining up with teen runaways surviving (and dying) on the streets.

#405 JONES V. GOD Written by: Ken LaZebnik Struggling farmer (John De Lance) in the midst of a drought that is destroying the community sues God.

#406 THE PACT Written by: Jennifer Wharton At a camp for HIV positive teenage girls Erin (Thora Birch) talks three other girls into a suicide pact after being "rejected" by Andrew.

#407 DOODLEBUGS Written by: Ken LaZebnik Boy calls townsfolk on payphone and pretends to be God dispensing instruction. Barbara Mandrell guests.

#408 SANDCASTLES Written by: Burt Pearl Message in a bottle reaches angels just in time for the "boy" (William Devane) to reconcile with his mother.

#409 MY DINNER WITH ANDREW Written by: Martha Williamson Stephanie Zimbalist as a researcher who outbids her rival for a date with death.

#410 CHARADES Written by: Glenn Berenbeim Swoosie Kurtz as a powerful Hollywood agent whose father had been a victim of the Hollywood Blacklist.

#411 THE COMEBACK Written by: Kenny Solms Carol Burnett and her daughter on Broadway with Rita Moreno as the big star who wrecked Burnett’s chance.

#412 VENICE Written by: R.J. Colleary Townsfolk blame almost-blind outsider (Piper Laurie) for death of her "hometown hero" husband.

#413 IT CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR Written by: Ken LaZebnik Third Randy Travis Christmas episode. This one a historical flashback with John Cullum as Mark Twain.

#414 DECONSTRUCTING HARRY Written by: Burt Pearl Andrew and widow (Polly Bergen) pursue Tess and Mistress (Lainei Kazan) who has stolen husband’s ashes.

#415 THE TRIGGER Written by: Roseanne Welch and Christine Pettit Woman shoots and kills her sister’s abusive husband. Sister, in denial, calls it murder not self-defense.

#416 REDEEMING LOVE Written by: Marilyn Osborn & Kathleen McGhee-Anderson Crack addict gives birth, parents quit being enablers, addict goes cold turkey and gets into rehab.

#417 BREAKING BREAD Written by: Burt Pearl Baker (Michael Chiklis) stands up to the devil leading the local White Supremacist.

#418 GOD AND COUNTRY Written by: R.J. Colleary and Glenn Berenbeim "Angels in the Army" story about a Latino soldier’s conflict with his Colonel father (Edward James Olmos).

#419 FLIGHTS OF ANGELS Written by: Ken LaZebnik Gregory Harrison as an artist dying from ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease, who wants to finish his paintings so his family will be financially secure, but needs to finish his legacy to his sons in the time remaining instead.

#420 HOW DO YOU SPELL FAITH? Written by: Michael Glassberg Spelling-champ goes to look for father after death of athlete Mom’s darling, wrestling champ older brother.

#421 SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND Written by: Glenn Berenbeim Monica slips on the ice at a bus station in Mississippi and ends up with amnesia. Meanwhile a killer is scheduled for death and the victim’s husband (Michael Moriarty) is trying to get there for the event.

#422 CRY AND YOU CRY ALONE Written by: R.J. Colleary Comics tell story of angels and comedy team of Salt (Jerry Stiller) and "Pepper" (Tom Poston).

#423 PERFECT LITTLE ANGEL Teleplay by: Susan Cridland Wick Story by: Susan Cridland Wick, Ann Elder and Jeannine Tree Angels sponsor unwed mom needing money for her son’s heart operation in beauty pageant.

#424 ELIJAH Written by: Glenn Berenbeim Passover episode with Bruce Davison as a Jewish slum lord sentenced to spend two weeks in his tenement. After his son is shot, he puts his faith in God and smears his son’s blood on the door. Andrew, the Angel of Death, then passes over the apartment.

#425 LAST DANCE Written by: Jennifer Wharton and Bob Colleary Teen couple deal with pressure to have sex and mothers who hate each other. Andrew as DJ.

#426 THE SPIRIT OF LIBERTY MOON Written by: Martha Williamson Chinese dissident (Bai Ling) returns to China to search for her daughter and is captured and ultimately killed.

#502 MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP (aired before #501 due to PL premier delay) Fake Angel of Death tells seriously ill patients that they have no hope of recovery. Guests: Chad Lowe and Margot Kidder.

# 501 VENGEANCE IS MINE: Part 1 Written by: Steven Phillip Smith Cross-over with Claire and Dinah Greene helping a woman on Death Row and the alcoholic wife/mom of people killed in Joe Greene’s road-rage crash kidnaps Nathaniel.

#503 ONLY CONNECT Written by: Ken LaZebnik A widower having problems communicating with his son. Son befriends autistic ballpark caretaker who sharea a love of trains.

#504 WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR? Written by: Martha Williamson Mayoral candidate pulls some strings to get old college buddy a teaching job. He then has an affair with one of his students.

# 505 I DO Written by: R.J. Colleary Groom is injured in a car accident on the way to the wedding. Mom (Patty Duke) blames brother.

#506 THE LADY OF THE LAKE Written by: Burt Pearl Development company representative returns after twelve years and wants to purchase the property around Lake Paradise for an Outlet Mall. "Monica's Bait and Tackle Shop refuses to sell.

#507 BEAUTIFUL DREAMER Written by: Glenn Berenbeim & Martha Williamson Tess tells schoolkids the story of John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln. Andrew became an Angel of Death, and his first assignment was to escort Lincoln home.

#508 PSALM 151 Written by: Martha Williamson Monica’s one-hundredth assignment. A single mother (Wynonna Judd) with a son Petey who is dying of Cystic Fibrosis. Petey has a list of things to do first.

#509 THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS Written by: Rosanne Welch Judge Dorrie Chapin (Veronica Hamel) is overly dependent on her aging mother (Marion Ross), and can’t face the prospect of losing her.

#510: THE PEACEMAKER Written by: Christine Pettit Son videotapes the morning coffee ritual that his parents (Bruce Boxleitner and Melissa Gilbert), began during his recovery from a recent drug addiction. Parent’s marriage fall apart when son is killed in a bank robbery.

# 511: AN ANGEL ON THE ROOF Written by: Ken LaZebnik South Texas motel owner gets a Christmas Eve visit from Monica. Elsewhere, a young Mexican couple, illegally across the border, panic when wife begins to show signs of an early labor. Living Nativity Scene episode.

#512: FOOL FOR LOVE Written by: Susan Wick & Burt Pearl A big city DA comes to terms with her past when an ex-boyfriend, Jesse (Joey Lawrence), is arrested and she must interrogate him. Monica listens to Sara’s story…

#513: MEDIUM AND MESSAGE Written by: Bob Colleary Monica tries to persuade a TV executive (Alan Rosenberg), whose network philosophy is "big, better, absolutely shocking," to consider backing a series about angels.

#514: MY BROTHER'S KEEPER Written by: Jennifer Wharton The angels help two skier buddies, Will and Jett, at a ski race.

#515: ON EDGE Written by: R.J. Colleary Tara Lipinski guest stars. Angels help a con man (Jack Wagner) who steals some money and skates and lets his daughter take the blame.

#516: THE MAN UPSTAIRS Written by: Glenn Berenbeim Gus Zimmerman, (Michael Jeter) in Las Vegas on business loses his soul to the devil in the form of Monica’s evil doppleganger "Monique".

#517 FAMILY BUSINESS Written by: Car dealers son is killed in car crash on his way home for reconciliation—or was he? Watch for landlord’s son from "While You Were Sleeping" doing the exact same act.

#518 THE ANATOMY LESSON Written by: Little girl trapped down a well, while Monica helps the coroner figure out the clues to save her—and himself.

#519 JAGGED EDGES Written by: Jennifer Wharton and Burt Pearl Androolers delight! Andrew helps comic deal with trauma of realization that her mentally ill Mother (Linda Lavin) is alive and had tried to kill her as a child. Watch for the Andrew/baby scenes!

#520 INTO THE FIRE Written by: Brian Bird Montel Williams as a cult leader falling deeper into madness as the episode progresses.

#521 MADE IN THE U.S.A Written by: Christine Pettit and Roseanne Welch Eric Roberts as bitter Viet Nam vet who runs a sweat shop employing Asian immigrants—an explosive combination.

#522 FULL CIRCLE Written by: Daniel H. Forer Valerie Harper and Anthony Michael Hall reprise their roles from #221 "Flesh and Blood". Son returns with small son (and his invisible angel friend "Dew") to dump kid and get money from Mom.

#523 BLACK LIKE MONICA Written by: Martha Williamson Rosa Parks visit to small southern Illinois town spurs hate killing by local racists and cover-up by black and white townsfolk who don’t want to mar the big event that’ll put them on the map. Monica becomes black and human.

#524 FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT Written by: Michael Glassberg Androolers Delight! Angels (mostly Andrew) help boy from ghetto learn to fight the "good fight" for love and family. Muhammad Ali guests.

#525 HEARTS Written by: Susan Cridland Wick and R.J. Colleary Dual story with Monica helping girls (one of whom needs a heart transplant) and surgeon/mother to other girl. Tess and Andrew are trying to help grieving man (Travis Tritt) make choice to donate his dying wife's heart.

#526 GODSPEED Written by: Glenn Berenbeim Tess tells shuttle astronaut of Charles Lindbergh’s encounter with Monica. Monica inspires astronaut to believe in God. Andrew babysits--again.