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Hello !! Welcome to The Nurses Den.

This page is for nurses, caregivers, daughter's, son's, and people who are being abused or have been abused in the past. I hope to fill these pages with information needed and a time for sharing.

First, I couldnt possible even have this page without the assistance of a very special friend of mine. His name is Michael, also known as GentlHeart40. He has guided me, encouraged me, and patiently worked with me for many hours on this page. Thank you Michael, you have a heart of gold.

My name is Susan, also known as AutumnsAngel. I am a registered nurse in the home health field. I've been a nurse for six years, five and a half of that working with the elderly. I started out as a home health aide in a Nursing Home. I am divorced and have two children, 18 and 11. We have to animals we consider a part of our family. Our cat Cosmo and our dog Lady. My hobbies include collecting beanie babies, chatting, surfing the net, and I love to travel. I would decribe myself as a very caring person who would do anything to protect the elderly people. I feel that as we age, we children change roles with our parents and we become caregivers for them.

Why Domestic Violence?
This is a very sensitive and personal issue with me. I myself still find it very difficult to think about, much less talk about. See my story under the Survivors Stories. My hopes in discussing this are that I can inform the public of what it is, how can we help, and the warning signs of potential abuse. I have done many hours of research on these topics and will be adding things often. If you have a subject which you would like to see, please e mail me your suggestions. Thank you for stopping at my page, and Please... don't forget to sign my guestbook.

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