Neighborhood Hoe
Neighborhood Hoe

Sittin back gettin my dick sucked, gettin my dick sucked.
Sittin back gettin my dick sucked, by tha neighborhood hoe.

DJ Paul
It was one Saturday night in June, never clearly remember. I seen this whore that I met in December. Tha bitch didn't want to give me no play. But she heard I signed a contract the otha day. Now shit's about to fall in place. Just seen her roll by with a smile on her face. Tiltin' my hat, makin sure its her place, hopin I'd be tha next nigga she tastes. I pace, the motha fucka right by tha strip. Grippin on my dick, hataz gonna trip. Gotta a motha fuckin 40 cal in his spot. Ready fo' a nigga that think he gonna slip. Chevy thang' so clean, chrome face, gold D's. Bitchez ridin' up in my shit, man i'm tellin these hoes things. I had to speak to soon here comes a hoe, thinkin she can game. The first thang she asks me was my name, And I'm ridin in that Chevy Thang. She knows God damn well who I am But since she want to play i'll play a response by cuttin a hoe, my name is Devonte. Swing, me tha motha fuckin digits. A playa like me tryin to get down in it. Gotta keep it key low, with a hoe. In the motha fuckin 'Pala with tha windowz tinted playa. I got this motto 'bout a bitch, just give me two dayz to hit tha shit. Betta get yo' excercise on tha third day, Prophet Posse gonna take care of ya'll.