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Welcome to the official homepage of Swimming Pool Wreslting. It is the first and fastest growing pool wrestling league. SPW HAS REGAINED CONTROL OF THE SPW PAGE!!!
What? Metro rules......SPW Don't control anything...yeah yeah...this is bad boy beck and i hacked into this and metro is #1.......1 more point for the metro's!!

"No mETRO is NOT #1 in SPW" says SPW PRESIDENT


August 13

SPW persidents and mETRO have came to an agreement. Prince gets his belt back. The matches have been changed. Also Jackie "Bad" Blaylock is the newest member of the refugees. And Mean Mejia's newest tag team partener.

- Amazeing Andrew vs. John the King for the Lightweight BELT 1 fall.
- Triple B(INT. CHAMP) vs. Bam Bam Burgener for the Int. Belt. NO RULES ANYTHING GOES.
- Prince Davey(WORLD CHAMP) vs. Mean Mejia for the World belt and European Belt Title For title. NO RULES!!!!!
- DDB vs. mETRO 3rd EyE US belt.
- Mean Mejia & Jackie "BAD" Blaylock vs. DDB & Bam Bam Burgener for Tag Team #1 continder. Winner fights METRO as soon as the match is over.
- METRO vs. The Refugees. To get the SPW page back away from METRO.

card subject to change

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This will probable be the last PPV until next Summer but there could possibly be more.

Current champions: (For history on each belt, scroll down to BELT HISTORY

World Champion- Prince Davey.

Intercontinental Champion- Triple B

Eueropean Champion- Mean Mejia

Light Heavyweight Champion- Triple B.

U.S. Champion- Up for grabs. No one holds it.

Tag Team Champions- METRO ---- Team is Prince Davey and Triple B.

SWP World Champion- Prince Davey:
1st Match:Prince Davey vs. Mean Mejia. Prince Davey wins by submission hold. 2nd Match: Mean Mejia vs. Prince Davey. Prince Davey wins by reaching 21 dunks first. 3rd Match: Prince Davey vs. Psycho Alan. Alan never showed up. Prince Davey wins by DQ. 4th-6th matches Prince Davey vs. Mean Mejia. Prince Davey won all these matches by reaching 21 dunks first. Prince Davey is only SWP star to hold this title belt.

SWP Intercontinental Champion- Triple B (Bad Boy Beck.)
History: 1st Match: Bad Boy Beck vs. Mean Mejia. Triple B wins match with 21 dunks. 2nd Match: Triple B vs. John The King Hamling. Triple B wins by The King submitting. 3rd: Triple B vs. Bam Bam Burgener. Triple B wins with submission hold. 4th Match: Triple B vs. John The Kng Hamling. Triple B wins with 21 dunks. 5th Match: Special School Event: Triple B vs. Rad Rudi. No result. Match was stopped. Triple B retained title. 6th Match: Triple B vs. Mean mejia.Triple B wins with 21 dunks. Triple B is only SPW star to hold the Intercontinental Belt.

SWP Eurapean Champion- Mean Mejia
History: Mean Mejia beats Bam Bam Burgener. Mean Mejia wins by submission. Prince Davey vs. Mean Mejia. No contest. Mean Mejia retains belt. Big Bad Red vs. Mean Mejia. Big Bad Red wins by submission. Red retires and belt was up for grabs, but then Mean Mejia d.Prince Davey.

SPW-Light Havyweight Champion- Bad Boy Beck
History: Burgener vs. Hamling 1. Hamling wins by 8dunks. part 2 : the reamtch. hamling wins by 8 dunks. The 3rd encounter. Bam Bam Burgener wins belt by submission. Triple B w/Princ Davey vs. Bam Bam Burgener. Triple B wins by submission with Prince Davey help.

SWP U.S. Champion- Up for grabs. New belt, no history.

SWP Tag Team World Champions- METRO
History: METRO aka (Triple B and Prince Davey) R&M. (Mean Mejia and Bam Bam)METRO wins by dunks. Rematch. METRO wins again. METRO vs. Mean Mejia and Kid Clay. METRO wins by dunks. METRO vs. Mean Mejia and Psycho Alan. METRO wins by dunks. METRO vs. R&M. METRO wins by submission. METRO vs.Mean Mejia and Rad Rudi. No contest . METRO retains title. All Titles for Titles match. METRO w/ World Champ, Int. Champ and Tag Champs, vs. R&M w/ Light weight champ. METRO wins, but Mean Mejia walks out as Prince Davey and Triple B beat the crap out of Bam Bam. Bam Bam gives up his title.

Come here often and bookmark this page to see if the belts have changed. This wretling is not fake. The rules are set by the wrestlers, usually are no rules. All you have to do is dunk the opponent a certain amount of times (usually 21 dunks.)


Created on July 18, 1998. Last updated: August 13, 1998.

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