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New Skills

Hand to Hand: Magic
This type of hand to hand combat is used by Ley Line Walkers, Mystics,
and others of their ilk. It is not available to Dewomer Magi to start
with, but they can learn it later. The attacks mean 2 physical OR
2 magic attacks, not 4 attacks per round. This type of combat shows the
emphasis and training that goes into magic for most casters.

Lvl 1- 2 Physical attacks per melee, +1 parry/dodge, +1 roll with punch/fall/impact
2 spell attacks per melee for spell lvls 1-6, 1 SA per melee lvls 7-10, 1 SA/ 2 meeles lvls 11-15
Lvl 2- +1 ini, +1 parry/dodge
Lvl 3- +1 strike with magic, +1 roll with punch/fall/impact
Lvl 4- One additional SA/melee lvls 1-6
Lvl 5- One additional PA/melee, kick attack does 1d6 damage
Lvl 6- +1 parry/dodge, +1 strike, +1 save vs Magic
Lvl 7- +1 damage, One additional SA/melee lvls 7-10
Lvl 8- +10 PPE, Double range of spells
Lvl 9- Critical Strike on 19 or 20
Lvl 10- One additional PA, +1 strike with magic
Lvl 11- One additonal SA/melee lvls 11-15
Lvl 12- Judo style Body Flip (as described in the book)
Lvl 13- Double PPE!!, +1 Damage
Lvl 14- One additional SA/melee lvls 1-6, +1 strike
Lvl 15- One additional PA/melee, Critical strike or knockout from behind


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