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Common Spells, Spells available to standard Magic users (Rifts & WB 17) 
African Witch Magic, World Book 4: Africa, pg 74 
African Chants, Singing, Dancing, & Ceremony Magic, World Book 4: Africa, pg 87. 
Biomancy, World Book 6: South America, pg 64 
Cloud Magic, from World Book 14: New West, 
Dolphin Magic, World Book 7: Underseas, pg 70 
Korallyte Shaping Magic, World Book 7: Underseas, pg. 151; Can be used by any Spell Caster
Necromancy, World Book 4: Africa, pg 105; Can be used by any Spell Caster at 2x PPE
Ocean Magic, World Book 7: Underseas, pg 64; Can be used by any Spell Caster 
Rain Magic Rituals, World Book 4: Africa, pg 91 
Tattoo Magic, World Book 2: Atlantis
Temporal Wizard Magic, World Book 3: England, pg 74; Can be used by any Spell Caster over lvl 9 
Warlock Magic: Air, Coversion Book 1, pg 62 
Warlock Magic: Earth, Coversion Book 1, pg 68
Warlock Magic: Fire, Coversion Book 1, pg 74 
Warlock Magic: Water, Coversion Book 1, pg 78 
Whale Singer Spellsongs, World Book 7: Underseas, pg 57 

Common Spells (available to all standard magic classes) Level One Blinding Flash Cloud of Smoke Death Trance Globe of Daylight Heal Light Wounds Lantern Light Quickdraw See Aura See the Invisible Sense Evil Sense Magic Sense P.P.E. Singing Insect Thunderclap Level Two Aura of Power Befuddle Blossom Fury Boomerang Chameleon Clense Climb Cloak of Darkness Concealment Detect Concealment Extinguish Fire Fear Heavy Breathing Levitation Magic Pick Manipulate Objects Mask Scent Mystic Alarm Shatter Sure Hit Throwing Stones Treadless Path Turn Dead Level Three Armor of Ithan Breathe Without Air Cocoon Create Wood Energy Bolt Fingers of the Wind Float in Air Fuel Flame Ignite Fire Impervious to Fire Invisibility: Simple Life Source Light Healing Light Target Magical Radiance Magic Shield Mystic Fulcrum Negate Poisons/Toxins Orb of Cold Paralysis: Lesser Resist Fire Telekinesis Wave of Frost Level Four Astral Projection Auto Aim Blind Carpet of Adhesion Charismatic Aura Chromatic Protection Cure Minor Disorders Deflect Electrical Arc Energy Field Fireblast Fire Bolt Fist of Fury Fool's Gold Impression Ley Line Transmission Magic Missile Magic Net Multiple Image Reflection Repel Animals Richoet Strike Seal Shadow Meld Swim as a Fish: Lesser Trance Vibrating Palm Watch Guard Weight of Duty Level Five Armor Bizarre Aura of Death Calling Charm Circle of Flame Death Curse Distant Voice Domination Energy Disruption Escape Eyes of Thoth Featherlight Fly Heal Wounds Horrific Illusion Horror House of Glass Ice Bolt Implosion Neutralizer Influence the Beast Instill Knowledge Life Blast Mangled Mend the Broken Mental Blast Power Burst Sleep Superhuman Endurance Superhuman Strength Superhuman Speed Sustain Swim as a Fish: Superior Tangler Wisps Level Six Acid Bolt Apparition Armor of Mordin Barrage Bio-Energy Flash Call Lightning Compulsion Create Crystal Create Mineral Create Water Crushing Fist Cure Illness Dimension Door Energize Spell Enhanced Memory Fire Ball Fire Blossom Fortify Against Disease Frequency Jamming Frostblade Heal Heavy Wounds Ice Illusion Booster Illusory Wall Impervious to Energy Magic Pigeon Mana Bolt Mangled Mask of Deceit Memory Bank Power Bolt Reduce: Self Sheltering Force Superhuman Metabolism Targeted Deflection Teleport: Lesser Time Slip Tongues Words of Truth Level Seven Agony Animate and Control Dead Ballistic Fire Constrain Being Dispel Magic Barriers Fire Gout Fly as the Eagle Globe of Silence Heal Self Invisibility: Superior Invulnerability Life Drain Lightblade Magic Grenade Mental Shock Metamorphosis: Animal Negate Mechanics Nymph Paralysis : Bomb Paralysis: Superior Permenance Purification Random Causality Second Sight See Wards Sonic Blast Spinning Blades Sub-Particle Acceleration Wall of Lightning Wind Rush Level Eight Commune with Spirits EMP Exorcism Expel Demons Eyes of the Wolf Fire Globe Force Bonds Greater Healing Hallucination Invincible Armor Lifeward Lightning Arc Locate Luck Curse Magical-Adrenal Rush Magic Grenade Metamorphosis: Human Minor Curse Negate Magic Oracle Power Weapon Shockwave Sickness Sorcerous Fury Spoil Stone to Flesh Wall of Wind Winged Flight Wisps of Confusion World Bizarre Level Nine Aura of Doom Beat Insurmountable Odds Create Steel Cure Disease Curse: Phobia D-Step Desiccate the Supernatural Dragon Fire Familiar Link Illusion Manipulation Metamorphosis: Insect Mute Phantom Mount Protection Circle: Simple Purge Self Realm of Chaos Speed of the Snail Summon and Control Canines Supernatural Fear Swords to Snakes Tame Beast Temporary Insanity Transferal Wall of Defense Water to Wine Level Ten Armorbane Banishment Bonding Curse: Paranoia Control/Enslave Entity Deathword Enemy Mind Entropy Shield Giant Havoc Hold Metal Illusory Forest Magic Warrior Mend Metal Metamorphosis: Superior Mystic Portal Orb of Sythe Orb of Ehtys Plane Skip Purge Other Reality Flux Restore Limb Speed Weapon Summon and Control Rodents Summon Greater Familiar Summon Shadow Beast Super-Healing Terrain Flux Wall of Not Wards Level Eleven Anti-Magic-Cloud Astral Hole Bottomless Pit Create Mummy Create Magic Scroll Curse: Neurosis Curse of the World Bizarre Disharmonize Energy Sphere Firequake Id Alter Ego Illusory Terrain Mindshatter Remove Curse Re-Open Gateway See in Magic Darkness Summon and Control Animals Summon Fog Level Twelve Amulet Calm Storms Create Zombie Ensorcel Heavy Air Ironwood Metamorphosis: Mist Null Sphere Soultwist Summon and Control Entity Summon and Control Rain Time Hole Wall of the Wierd Level Thirteen Bestow Enemy Bestow Power/Ability Collapse Create Golem Protection Circle Restore Life Sanctum Shadow Wall Summon and Control Storm Summon Lesser Being Swap Places Talisman Level Fourteen Annihilate Close Rift The Curse of the Untimely Demise Id Barrier Impenetrable Wall of Force Raise Shipwreck Restoration Restore Limb Resurrection Summon and Control Sea Serpents Summon Greater Being Level Fifteen Circle of Travel Create Golem Armor Ritual Dimensional Portal Dimensional Teleport Enchant Weapon (minor) Summon Ally Teleport: Superior Transformation Void Spells of Legend Create Elemental Avatar (ritual) Create Life Form Ritual
African Witch Spells Charge Object with Evil Evil Eye Magic Drums Money doubling Pestilence Touch Poison Touch Summon & Control Biting Insect Swarm Summon & Control Locust Swarm Summon & Control Drought Summon & Control Heat Wave Taboo
African Chants, Singing, Dances, & Ceremonies Chant of Blessing Chant to Control Ley Line Storms Chant/Ritual of Divining Chant of Exorcism Chant to Remove Taboo Chant of Warning Chant of Water Doubling Drums of Protection Dance of Blessing Weapons Dance to Chase Away Evil Spirits & Witches (Enchantment/Charm, Abjuration) Dance of Flames Dance of Good Medicine Dance of Life Dance of Protection from Bad Medicine Dance of War (Enchantment/Charm, Abjuration) Dance to Close Dimensional Rift
Biomancy Spells Level One Commune with Nature Shape Plants Weather Sense Level Two Animate Plant: Minor Animal Weaponry: Simple Insect Leap Plant Virtual Sight Weave Plants Level Three Accelerate Plant Growth Chitin Shrink Plant Level Four Animal Weaponry: Major Forest Camouflage Strengthen Plant Level Five Animal Ghost Metamorphosis: Plant Level Six Bio-Blast Tree Teleport Level Seven Tree Warrior Undo Undead Level Eight Suspended Animation Touch of Life Level Nine Heal the Earth Level Ten Woodland Entity
Cloud Magic Clouds of War Cloud Blast Cloud Disc Clouds of Imprisonment Cloud Lance Cloud Sword Cloud Whip Fiery Cloud Poisonous Cloud Rolling thunder Storm Cloud Storm Cloud Sword Wind Hammer Wind Spear Clouds of Defense Blinding Flash Cloud of Light Deflection Cloud of Darkness Cloud Rider Armor Cloud Shield Fog of War Storm Rider Armor Clouds of Peace Blink of an Eye Cloud of Ascension Cloud Portal Cloud of Speed Cloud Surfing Fly like the Wind Portal to the Beyond Clouds of Survival Aerial Navigation Breath of Life Calm Storms Cloud of Healing Globe of Daylight Hunter Instinct See the Invisible See the Light Tongues Warmth of the Sun Clouds of the Mind Cloud of Insanity Clouds of Truth Mind Fog Mind of Matter Mist of Illusion Spirit Mist Warrior's Mist Clouds of the Creation Cloudweaving Cloud Castles Create Cloud Figures Create Water Flying Chariot Food from the Heavens Globe of Daylight Paint the Sky
Dolphin Magic Level Two Sense Food Level Three Sense Predator Level Four Air Doubler Sense Weather Speed Doubler Level Five Electro-Magnetic Pulse Ride Ley Lines Sonic Blast Level Six Sonic Stun Level Seven Psi-Flash Warning
Korallyte Shaping Magic Level Four: Shape Koral -Korallyte Shaping Magic Level Six: Koral Blast -Korallyte Shaping Magic
Necromancy Level Two Stench of the Dead Level Three Object Read the Dead Recognize the Undead Level Four Command Ghouls Kill Plants Level Five Consuming Power & Knowledge Death Mask Divining: Tombs & Graves Maggots Level Eight Death Strike Level Nine Shadows of Death Shadows of Doom Level Ten Strength of the Dead Summon Insect Swarm Level Eleven Summon Vampires Transfer Life Force Level Twelve Summon Worms of Taut Level Thirteen Summon Maggot
Ocean Magic Level One Float on Water Sense Direction Underwater Water Pulse Level Two Black Water Float Underwater Level Three Breathe Air Flying Fish Level Four Impervious to Cold Sonar Hearing Speak Underwater Water Envelope Weed Snare Level Five Communicate with Sea Creature Ride the Waves Water Nourishment Water Spout Water Rush Water Seal Level 6 Air Swim Armor Of Neptune Change Current Healing Waters Mystic Sea Horse Senses of the Shark Level Seven Abilities of a Snail Coral Armor Impervious to Electricity Sound Sponge Strength of the Whale Transmute Water Water Wall Level Eight Grow Tentacles Summon Sea Friend Travel Above Water Walk Like a Humanoid Level Nine Metamorphosis: Fish Whirlpool Level Ten Impervious to Ocean Depths Level Eleven Calm Waters Metamorphosis: Crustacean Level Twelve Metamorphosis: Shark
Rain Magic Rituals Rain Dance Dance of Bad Medicine Dance to Calm Storms Dance to Part Waters Dance to Ride the Lightning Dance of Stones Dance of Weather Control
Tattoo Magic Simple Weapons All Simple Weapons SDC Shield Magic Weapons Flaming Shield Flaming Weapon with an Animal Species Two Weapons Crossed Weapon Being Used by an Outline of a Person Weapon Covered in Blue Flame Weapon Covered in Flames Weapon Covered in Flames and Coiled Snake/Serpent Weapon Dripping Blood Weapon in a Pentagram Weapon Radiating Black Lightning Weapon with a Halo of Darkness Weapon with a Halo of Light Weapon with Wings Tattoos: Animals Animal Covered by a Shield Tattoos: Monsters Monster Ingulfed in Flames Tattoos: Powers Brain with a Blue Aura Brain with Lightning Bolts Broken Sine Wave Bust of the T-Man Chain Encircling a Skull Chain Encircling Eye of Mystic Knowledge Chain With a Broken Link Chain Wrapped Around a Cloud Chameleon with Varying Colors Cloud with a Lightning Bolt Concentric Rings Cross A Dragon Claw A Dragon's Head Spewing Flame Eye With a Dagger in it Eye of Knowledge Eye of Mystic Knowledge Eye with Tears Eyes: Three Eye with Two Fangs Dropping Out Figure Glowing with Energy Figure Projecting Light from Hands Fire Dragon with Flame Breath Grasshopper in Mid-Jump Heart Pierced by a Wooden Stake Heart Encircled by Chains Heart in a Pentagram Heart with Large Wings Heart with Tiny Wings Heart with Trident Symbol Ice Dragon with Frost Breath Intertwined Snakes Knight in Full Body Armor Large Circle with Many Mystic Symbols Large figure, changing to small figure Lightning Bolts Mouth in a Right Side-Up Triangle Mouth in an Upside-Down Triangle Objects Floating in Mid-Air Person in a Bubble Pheonix Rising from the Flames Rose and Thorny Stem& Dripping Blood Shark or Dolphin Skeletal Hand Holding a Shimmering Globe Skull with Bat Wings Skull with Coiled with Thorns Skull engulfed with Flames Small Circle with Mystic Symbols Small Figure, Next to Huge Hand Snail on a Spider's Web Specter with a Yellow Aura Spider on a wall Swirling pool of water Thorns or Ball of Thorns Three connected balls forming a semi-circle Waves wrapped in chains Whirlpool of Darkness Wolf with Glowing Eyes
Temporal Wizard Magic Level Seven D-Phase D-Shift Phantom D-Shift Two Dimensions Suspended Animation/Stasis Field T-Dep Time Warp: Send Level Eight Attune Object to Owner Retro-Viewing Sense Dimensional Anomaly See Dimensional Anomaly Time Capsule Wink-Out Level Nine Remote Viewing S-Dep Time Warp: Age Time Warp: Slow Motion Level Ten Dimensional Pockets Temporary Time Hole Time Maelstrom Time Warp: Fast Forward Level Eleven Time Barrier Level Twelve Dimensional Envelope Level Thirteen Black Abyss Id Self Level Fourteen Fourth Dimension Transformation Level Fifteen Time Warp: Space and Time
Warlock Magic: Air Level One: Air Breathe Without Air Thunder Clap Cloud of Slumber Cloud of Steam Create Light Create Mild Wind Stop Wind Level Two: Air Change Wind Direction Create Air Heavy Breathing Howling Wind Levitate Mesmerism Miasma Northwind Silence Level Three: Air Air Bubble Call Lightning Float in Air Darkness Fingers of the Wind Northern Lights Resist Cold Walk the Wind Wind Rush Level Four: Air Ball Lightning Calm Storm Dissipate Gases Freeze Water Invisibility Leaf Rustler Phantom Footman Protection from Lightning Level Five: Air Breath of Life Circle of Rain Darken the Sky Detect the Invisible Invisible Wall Phantom Whirlwind Level Six: Air Electrical Field Electro-Magnetism Mist of Death Snow Storm Vacuum Whisper of the Wind Level Seven: Air Atmosphere Manipulation Hurricane Rainbow Tornado Level Eight: Air Wind Blast Wind Cushion Creature of the Wind
Warlock Magic: Earth Level One: Earth Chameleon Dowsing Dust Storm Fool's Gold Identify Minerals Identify Plants Rock to Mud Rot Wood Strength of the Earth Level Two: Earth Beanstalk Create Dirt or Clay Dirt to Clay Dirt to Sand Grow Plants Hopping Stones Miraculous Growth Track Wall of Clay Wither Plants Level Three: Earth Animate Plants Bridge Create Mound Crumble Stone Dig Earth Rumble Encase Object in Stone Locate Minerals Rejuvenating Fountain Wall of Stone Level Four: Earth Animate Object Bountiful Harvest Cocoon of Stone Earth Ripple Entrapment Mend Stone Quicksand Repel Animals Rust Sand Storm Wall of Thorns Level Five: Earth Chasm Clay to Lead Clay to Stone Close Fissures Environmental Awareness Little Mud Mound Peaceful Passing Travel Through Walls Level Six: Earth Clay or Stone to Iron Golem Armor Mend Metal Stone to Flesh Travel Through Stone Wood to Stone Level Seven: Earth Metal to Clay Petrification River of Lava Sculpt and Animate Clay Animals Wall of Iron Level Eight: Earth Cap Volcano Create Golem Earthquake Magnetism Transference of Essence and Intellect Suspended Animation
Warlock Magic: Fire Level One: Fire Blinding Flash Cloud of Smoke Create Coal Fiery Touch Flaming Missile Fueless Fire Globe of Daylight Nightvision Impervious to Fire Stench of Hades Level Two: Fire Cloud of Ash Darkness Fire Earshot Fire Sight Flame Lick Freeze Water Heat Object and Boil Water Resist Cold Sense Fire Source Spontaneous Combustion Swirling Lights Tongue of Flame Level Three: Fire Circle of Cold Circle of Flame Create Heat Cure Poison Extinguish Fire Fiery Image Fire Ball Lower Temperature Reduce/Induce Fever Wall of Flame Level Four: Fire Blisters Cloud of Steam Thermal Flight Flame Friend Fuel Flame Heal Burns Mini-Fireballs Fiery Eyes Level Five: Fire Blue Flame Breathe Fire Eat Fire Holy Fire Screaming Wall of Flame Wall of Ice Level Six: Fire Dancing Fires Eternal Flame Flame of Life Fire Whip Napalm Level Seven: Fire Ten Foot Wheel of Fire Magma Spire Melt Metal River of Lava Level Eight: Fire Burst into Flame Drought Plasma Bolt
Warlock Magic: Water Level One: Water Bladder Burst Cloud of Steam Color Water Create Fog Dowsing Float on Water Purple Mist Water Skin Water to Wine Level Two: Water Breathe Under Water Fog of Fear Foul Water Gout of Water Hydro-skate Liquids to Water Profuse Sweat Resist Fire Ride the Waves Sense Water Source Walk the Waves Water Bubble Water Earshot Water Mirror Water Seal Level Three: Water Boiling Water Calm Waters Circle of Rain Command Fish Freeze Water Resist Cold Sense Vibrations Sheet of Ice Watery Image Level Four: Water Create Water Hail Holy Water Mystic Water Wall Shards of Ice Swim Like the Dolphin Wall of Ice Water Wisps Level Five: Water Earth to Mud Protection from Lightning Snow Storm Ten Foot Ball of Ice Whirlpool Level Six: Water Heal Burns Hurricane Little Ice Monster Part Water Reflective Coating Summon Sharks/Whales Encase in Ice Level Seven: Water Rain Dance Summon Storm Drought Level Eight: Water Creature of the Waves Tidal Wave Water Meld
Whale Singer Spellsongs Song of Calling Song of Danger Song of Doubt Song of Fear Song of Grief Song of Joy Song of Life Song of Protection Song of Revenge Song of Reversal Song of Severing Song of Sea Sickness Song of Sleep Song of Strength Song of Summoning Song of Weaving Sonic Boom Sound Blast Sound Spike Stormsong Valorsong