I pretty much changed this page, before it only had two images and info! Anyway, ok. What is this about? Gunbuster, what else!

Ok, the main character is Takaya Noriko. Noriko's father was a captain of a space ship and had gone out to space, and died 7 years ago(earth time). Noriko enters a school to learn how to drive (pilot) a robot. She had been learning for only one month and was the worst one in the school. But, Coach spots something in her and she is chosen to go out into space to battle the monsters that killed her father.

There are three volumes in total, 60 minutes each. I only saw Volume one, but it was good enough for me to made a page about it! My opinion is this is a cute series, but trust me, it will get more serious later. The storyline is pretty famous: the leading girl is klutzy, clumsy and doofus. Usagi and Miaka shared the same genes! But anyway, this is a pretty good plot, it gets tense in the last. Ohh, yeah I know I saw only Volume 1 but I saw some clips in the last part on internet, somewhere. ^-^

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