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Hi Everyone. Welcome to My page dedicated to the finest guy in the world. NICK CARTER I hope you like it. Nick is a really great guy and deserves to be honored. So, I hope you enjoy what you are about to see and read. And feel free to send me any feedback or suggestions that you may have. Don't forget to sign my guestbook.
And (as of right now) I am not related to Nick or any of the backstreet boys. So please do not send me love notes or messages to them because, just like you, I am only a BIGGGGGG fan! Thank you!

Unfortunately I will no longer be able to keep up with this page. I work full time now and I'm going to school and I have ABSOLUTELY no time to keep it updated like I used to. I will from time to time drop in and update things but if anythings not up-to-date please do e-mail me yelling at me and everything. I put my heart and soul into this page and I hope you will still enjoy what is left here for your to drool over. Thanks again!


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The Nick Carter Obsession
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