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Welcome To Mars, Earthlings!


Notice: Many of you have been visiting my page, making the counter reach a large amount, but are not signing the guestbook. I receive many emails stating that you enjoy my page, and I am not telling you to stop. But if you don't have anything more to say than just a few lines telling me that you like it, don't go to the trouble to email me when you can just tell me in the guestbook....that's what it's posted there for. If you have any questions or suggesstions though, feel free to email me and I will try to answer them as good as I can. Thank you. --Tiffany Watts-Luna.

Old News: I have added a new page! It is where I will be posting my site awards and any other recognitions I have received or will receive in the future. You can access the page in my list of links I have set up to my other pages. Thank you for all of your support!

This is a page dedicated to none other than Marvin the Martian. I have made a few little updates here and there for those of you who have been here before. Oh, and thanks to all the people that have been emailing me and complimenting my humble Marvin site. I appreciate all of you! Anyway, BEFORE YOU LEAVE: Please be sure to SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!....your feedback is very helpful to me and will be of benefit to you in the future. Feel free to check out the links I have provided and enjoy!


My name is Tiffany Watts-Luna and I'm a 18 year old native of the St. Louis area. I moved to Arkansas in 1989 and lived there until just recently. I moved to Dallas in Sept. of 1999 to attend the Art Institute of Dallas, majoring in Multimedia/Web Design. I was married to Ozzie Luna on September 17, 1999. Well, that about covers it! On with the Marvin!

These are the people that I really appreciate: (in no specific order!)

Ashley Whitaker, Pete Standing (the late), Ozzie Luna (my husband), Phen Briner, Richard Jarboe, Billy Schmidt, Shawn Walther, Stuart "Stoogy" Orme (who has the original copy of the Marvin the Martian drawing you see on this page.), Rob Headley (my bud in VA), Jason Thomas, Dominik Liebaug (the one who designed my Marvin headline and the "Celebrating 50 Years" graphics), Nizaar Lilla, Wayde Philpot, Derek Rodgers, Ben Simpson, and last but not least....My Parents. Thanks to all of you!

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My site ID# for the Marvin the Martian Voters Ballot is 31. Your vote will be greatly appreciated! Oh, and aren't the new MTMWR Graphics great? I thought so. Tell me what you think and I'll pass the word along. Thanks!

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