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     As a police officer I have an interest in ending domestic violence through my workplace. It was the writing of a poem that first got me involved in adding several pages about domestic violence and stalking to my homepage. I wrote a poem which appears on my page concerning domestic violence and have written two since. I have read several poems about the topic and decided, with the wifes encouragement, to put them on pages. My wife has asked my help in putting together a children's domestic abuse site for her and she presented me with two poems. I have placed them on pages and plan to link them to our other site.

     Angels In Blue now consists of approximately one hundred twenty-five pages of which most concern domestic violence and stalking. I receive numerous emails each month which continually encourage me to expand and update the site as I receive new information and resources.

     Angels In Blue has combined with the Knights Of Kindness and SafetyEd  to provide information and resources concerning the crime of Stalking.  Their expertise is in the area of Cyber Stalking. I wish to express my thanks to each of these organizations for their devotion to the concept of educating about and combating stalking, To access their sites click on their Logo's below.

     I hope that through these pages of poetry, awareness and understanding about this crime will become heightened. I have, as in my other Angels In Blue sites, placed a red ball which serves as the link to the pages along with the titles of the poems. There are only a few poems here but as time permits and as I find others they will be added.

     I also will be looking for websites which specialize in domestic violence and will place links to these below.

Ofc. Randall J. Beers

Authors Poetry

Note: These poems are shared with my poetry site so it may be necessary to use the Go Back feature on your browser to return to this page..

  Blue Angel Crying

          This poem was my first about domestic violence. It describes the tragic consequence of arriving too late to help as the victim has fallen pry for the last time to the abuser.

  His Castle, Her Prison

         This poem concerns the prison and hell that many victims live in. As is at times, the outcome this poems ends in tragedy.

  Why Does He Treat Her So?

         I have never understood why a person will abuse someone who loves them.  This poems asks that question.  I have search for a reason without success and I know that I will never find an acceptable reason for abuse because none exists.

Friends Poetry


        This poem was written by a friend who is also a co-member of the Knights Of Kindness and SafetyEd. I used a very graphic picture for the background in "His Castle, Her Prison" which I had shared with her. She wrote this poem about what this graphic said to her and I asked permission to put it on a page. She graciously consented and I did.

Other Poetry


        This poem was written by a coroner about the tragic death of a three year old boy from child abuse.

  Our Children

        This poem is more about intolerance than neglect or abuse. It reminds us that our children are people too. Thankfully this poem has a happy ending. It's refreshing to have a happy ending as it restores our faith in humanity.

  I Got Flowers Today

          Women like getting flowers, or do they?

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Updated August 27, 2000