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Three great guysGoodness, Fall 1998 has been the busiest time for me. I'm rarely home these days, and when I am, I don't really have much time -- I'm usually just dropping by before rushing off to some other commitment....It's been hard to update the page, but today, I am committed to getting this baby back in shape. That means adding lots of things to the Weird Lyrics Page, Images, Sounds...wherever I have stuff that's been meaning to go up. Sorry to whoever has sent in their weird lyrics and stuff -- I've been extremely slow and bad about adding those. =( On the Images page, I'm still working on getting the thumbnails quick and easy to upload, so bear with me and go to the text page if you need to...Please enjoy your stay. Keep in mind that this page is for all of Nirvana, not just Kurt. I also like to focus on the music and spirit of Nirvana, rather than the death and sad parts. Have a great time. Please also sign the guestbook at the bottom of the page.........One more thing -- please use the Sonic Net search window (I've provided it somewhere around here...)..You can use it to search for more Nirvana pages and/or other band pages. =) Please exit to your left, gather all personal belongings, and take small children by the hand. Also, please, please, please vote for my page (see below...)...and enjoy!

P.S. -- A farrago is a mixture or a medley.

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alt.music.nirvana is the usenet messsage board just for Nirvana freaks.
The Weird Lyrics Page is my support group for people who have ever been singing along with a song, thinking they knew all the lyrics, and then they read the official lyrics, and the ones they were singing were totally wrong.Your Page is your page for stories, poems, dreams, etc. Anything and everything that you want to put on this page!
D.P.'s Complete Nirvana Links are for (perish the thought!) searching for other Nirvana pages.
Kurt Cobainís Magic Talking 8-Ball
is a talking 8-ball -- ask it your questions, and hear Kurt reply!
JuNKyArD is the ultimate Nirvana newsletter! Created and edited by moi. Click here to find out more.

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Thanks for visiting the page!! Please come again!!!!!!!! If you have any questions, comments, hypothetical questions, epiphanies, etc. etc., email them to: Misunivers@aol.com. (Ignore the email address below, because it doesn't work!) Thanks for coming!!

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