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Immediately upon discovering your child's disappearance contact your local law enforcement agency. Do not waste any time every minute counts. A few hours or even a few mintues could make all the difference in recovering your child safely!

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


International Center for the Search and Recovery of
Missing Children


Alot of people that see this page may ask if I have every had a missing child. My children are not missing in the same way as alot of other children, my children are in "Heaven" I know where they are and I know that they are safe. I have had five miscarriages, and I lost one child to SIDS my daughter Heather in 1979, and another child my son Nichols was still born in 1990.
I do have a empty spot in my heart and I do not think the pain will ever go away, but I do have some kind of peace of mind because I know where my children are (all seven). I can not begin to know the pain that someone has that has a child that may be out there with some stranger and may be hurt and wanting to come home as bad as the mother and father want them back.
I look through the pictures on the net of missing children and read the stories of the family, and I cry with them alot. I think that maybe someday I may notice one of the children from a picture and be able to help someone get that empty place in their hearts filled again. If your child has never been taken from you either by death or by someone you can never know the pain and suffering you go through. Please if you know of any child that you think may be a missing child "please" report it. Help the family that is suffering. If you notice a new child in the area that you have never seen before take notice and see if there is anything about (him or her) that may be a sign that they do not belong with the person they are with.

Sites To Help Keep Your Child Safe
NetSmarts Welcomes You Information about Protecting our Children from Porno on the Net

Below you will find information and links to other important sites for missing children. These are real stories and real families. Please if you can help bring these familes back together. Take just a few minutes and read their stories.

"Missing" Jessica Lee Cain
"Non-Custodian Abduction" Sam Erik Fastow
"Vanished" Kristen Modafferi
"Non-Custodian Abduction" Nikolette Franchesca Cagnolo
"Missing" Adam Finch
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