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Why does it hurt?
What did i do?
Why does my heart,
Feel so blue?
Nothing i said,
Was nothing i did.
But now all i feel,
Is buried within.
Where did it start?
What was the cause?
Was it the rose?
That i placed in her hair?
Shall never know,
For all is lost.
Did we ever begin?
Or was it a loss?
Deep in my heart,
The sorrow burns still.
For the woman i love,
Who's heart i can't fill.
Where is the feeling,
That once touched our thoughts?
I fear it is gone,
Though at such a cost.
I loved her so much,
Was the rose of my life.
Would have taken her in,
And made her my wife.
But time and confusion,
Has claimed my soul.
All is lost now,
As the bell chimes it's toll.
Love in my heart,
I leave thee this claim,
My heart is not bitter,
It is true just the same.
Remember our love,
As the time slowly goes by.
With tears in my eyes,
I bid thee good bye.
Sabbath 5/21/99

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