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What Is Love

Have thought at times in my life,
That i was so happy.
A cover to my sorrows is all,
I have learnt within.
How do you love,
Where is the feeling,
I believe it is all a lie and sin.
Has felt my heart beat fast,
My emotions run wild.
Told myself yes this is love,
This is what i seeked to find.
But when the heartbeat slows,
And the emotions subside,
The fear returns
And i regain my mind.
It is a fake,
A momentary feeling for closeness
And compassion.
It does not last or withstand time.
Love is not real
It is all a cover,
Should be outcast,
For it's lies and crimes.
Yes i have them all.
I have seen both sides,
Was up then i'd fall.
My heart will never know
True happiness.
It does not exsist.
Is only in words
That are etched in blood
Upon a wall.
A smile,
When i am sad.
A laugh,
When i feel the sorrow.
And the worst pain of all
The tears,
When my heart is broken.
They ask me why,
Tell us you don't feel.
Well i do feel,
I feel much inside.
The anger,
When i see love misguided,
By deceat.
The tears,
When i see my past,
And how it fell around me.
The weight,
Upon my heart.
When it was ripped apart,
And cast down to my side.
But mainly,
The inner thoughts.
That i must live with daily,
And see in my dreams at night.
To ever feel true love,
And to be able to manage
A life of happiness.
Well i guess would be,
To see the eyes of those,
Whom pass my casket.
When i die.
For i feel,
The only true love
Is the one's who will cry.
As your last day passes by.
So for now.
I shall go along with the rest.
A fake smile,
When i'm sad.
A phony laugh,
When i hurt inside.
And a tear,
In my eyes.
When i here their lies.
Love, What is love?

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