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SilverWings lost alone in the sky,
A silent reminder of times gone by.
Drifting thru memories of past hopes,
He moves by himself just trying to cope.
Inner reflections of the lost dreams once had,
Now draw tears to his eyes and keep him sad.
The smile he once carried upon a face so proudly,
Now only distrust for another that he loved soundly.
SilverWings alone outcast in the night,
Lost reminder adrift and far from sight.
A careless whisper spoken in sorrow,
What does life hold for me tomorrow.
Against the moon in the darkness of his life,
Lone figure seeking love a woman and a wife.
What shall he find as he cries to the stars in sight,
Lost and empty emotions no faith left in his fight.
SilverWings torn by deep grief and sorrows,
Not sure if there will be many more tomorrows.
Tired and discouraged he lands within the mystical Valley,
Upon his knees a lone cry in the night black in reality.
Lord of the dark do i seek just to remain?
Or should i end it now and vanish this game.
Am but one my family has been taken,
To other realms they are forever forsaken.
Lone and cold this Silverwing shall pass on in lore,
His heart is gone cold he seeks to remain no more.
Wings open fully and the demon takes flight,
Gone into the darkness to this realm good night.

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