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Last Romance

His time away her love would soon stray, Two lovers in the night,though neither would stay. Feelings of mistrust has taken it's path, Now the ones whom cared feel it's wrath. Sweet thoughts of her lips as he closes his eyes, The tears of her memories quickly claim their prize. To have loved her was the light within his heart, But deep sadness has now came to claim it's part. Broken and cracked a heart can not last, To reflect on her is to relive the past. Her eyes in the night as the moon shines above, This was the lady to whom his heart had loved. Wishes to rekindle are tossed at her side, For she now loves another she shall not abide. Dark cries in the night as the sorrow begins, Cast out by her ..the lady veltress did win. Will echo her name thru the realms of lost souls, For our love is now the bell chimes it tolls. Goodbye he claims as he walks thru the myst, My love for you will no longer be missed. Into the dark forest he reigns from within, Lone feelings and thoughts where his life now begins. Lady of the night i thus bid thee farewell, Cross this realm i loved you and all could tell. Thru my words and my feelings all shall see, Was you whom i loved and held close to me. Claim thy rights to your mate and treat him well, My love for thee shall close now it has failed. Crossing the forest a star it does shine, No longer for me as the last bell chimes... Sabbath...4/1/99

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