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Faded Rose

This special place between misguidence and beauty,
Touching me within, caressing my inner most feelings.
A scent of a rose, the essence of love and emotion,
Takes my thoughts to places long sense forgotten.
Long times past away, missing dreams of those i knew,
Was it all just a fantasy, i mean did any really care.
Or did they laugh and jest at the feelings i showed for them.
There are times i wish i really knew, of some anyway.
Leaning down i carefully pluck a red rose from it's stem,
The darkness of the red petals are silk to my finger tips.
Essence bursting out in an aroma full of life and beauty.
I look upon it,tears forming within my eyes of mysty blue.
Memories begin to slowly move throughout my mind,
My heart pounding harder, almost a hurt deep within.
Where did the love of all i cared for go,
Then again, was it ever there to even begin.
I watch the petals upon the red rose i have taken,
And they slowly begin to wither, as if to say goodbye.
A single tear trails down my face to fall amidst the rose,
But the tear is of no feeling, it makes no change to help.
Lost within a dream of where life has led my soul,
Only a few have taken claim, to have loved me.
But as this rose as it whilts and dies,
I feel those whom said they cared, told only lies.
Red rose of the garden, alive yet fading away,
I wish you could tell me, if i should stay.
Is all this feeling i hold buried within,
Really worth the pain it has started to begin.
As i hold this rose so close to my heart,
I feel it's life and essence slowly depart.
A faded rose, now empty of it's soft beauty,
I feel it's death, is mine in my spirit.
No more concern for the ones i felt were true,
An angel, a healer, and last one i really knew.
Matters no more for as i am a misquided rose,
Take with thee this life, for nomore shall i glow.
Faded Roses ,begin to fall from their stems,
No more love within their hearts,
The death rose it now ends.....

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