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Eyes Speak

Myst within the air,
The night upon us.
Eyes within the darkness,
Seeking that of blood and lust.
The full moon shining in the night,
A time for followers to take flight.
Eyes of the dead arise from sleep,
Cold and alone they begin to creep.
Seeking their desires dark lust to feed,
Moving through the night they seek to breed.
Unknowing to those of the light,
Victims to the eyes of the night.
One lone figure walking under the stars,
Praying eyes follow they see where you are.
Meeting in the dark there's nowhere to run,
As the dark ones eyes speak your time has come.
His eyes gaze deep your thoughts become loyal,
With words unspoken your blood starts to boil.
As his fangs sink in your eyes fall dead,
Your last recall is what his eyes said.
His eyes of blue they glow in the night,
With terror within you cry from fright.
Last breathe in your body as the time draws near,
You give in to him, without a feeling of fear.
His control takes hold as his eyes speak to you,
Your time is now over, you shall awake renewed.
With the light comes peace to the world you knew,
Then the darkness comes forth a new life for you.
The first awakening of a vamp in the night,
Your eyes speak out new views in your sight.
A demon is born dark mistress of bloodlust,
Her mortality claimed,eternity now a must.
She moves through the night under a shadow of sorrows,
Night her home now, no daylight romances tomorrow.
Time to seek and find her place in the world,
As she moves upon you her eyes start to swirl.
Eyes speaking in the twilight they feel a need,
To bring you in closer and deliver their seed.
Born into life you live for each tomorrow,
Till the eyes speak and your life turns to sorrows.
He has claimed his pray she roams close at his side,
She no longer resists, her new desires is to abide.
Into the darkness they silently await your fate,
Eyes speak in the night is your time now to late.
Birth of a vampire heart beats it's last,
Your life is gone mortality your past.
Light of day may keep or desires away,
Eyes speak in the night and their you will stay.

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