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Endless Cries

When you're alone,
And times seem sad.
It is sorrow,
That takes your hand.
Endless cries,
Heard thru the night.
Tears fall steady,
Within their sight.
But who should care,
What can be done.
All is lost,
Bitterness has won.
Hearts broken and blue,
Nothing to renew.
Carless words spoken,
Another love broken.
Endless cries,
They hear them all.
It does not mean,
You wish to fall.
Silent nights spent,
Looking to the sky,
Wondering what it is,
That makes you sigh.
Drifting tears,
Trail down your cheeks.
From broken dreams,
you've felt for weeks.
Endless cries,
They never cease.
Wish they would leave,
And give you peace.
Silence takes hold,
Like a bold dark night.
Drawing you in,
Filling you with fright.
Standing quickly,
You run from your fears.
But within the dark,
The others do lear.
Endless cries,
Please release me.
Show me the path,
So i may see.
Screams come forth,
Dire needs for love.
But who really cares,
As you see a dove.
Flying thru the night,
Graceful and free.
You feel neglect,
As you drop to your knees.
Endless cries,
Hear my plea.
Give me peace,
Let me be.
As all seems lost,
A touch to your shoulder.
An angel stands with you,
Your heart feels colder.
Love she offers,
To cleanse your tears.
Her touch upon you,
A feeling of lost fears.
Endless cries,
You feel nomore.
Peace has come,
You close the door.

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