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I've collapsed in myself i hide within there, To be alone to be silent to come out i don't dare. The outer resistance the pain from within, I believe in this feeling though i know it's a sin. A blind angry heart of gloom and despair, It keeps me insain and so thus i don't care. There's a cold and hard feeling which holds me inside, That makes my soul feel that it must abide. Clear faces of shadows i see with my eyes, They haunt me and hold me and tell me there lies. But my faith is within them my strength they conceive, And they make me love them so thus i believe. Growing dim in the night and still in there sight, The soul of my body i release to there might. Demons of pleasure dark lords of the deep, They comfort me here and help me to sleep. I feel no despair and fear there is none, For with the dark lords there's no need to run. Refrain from temtation remain in thyself, The love of the souls will show you wealth. Just leave me alone let my life be, For i only wish to be here with thee. The reaper is calling i leave without fear, And give unto him my soul to be here. In life was i lonely no needs could i fill, So unto the soul reaper my heart is now still. Sabbath...2/15/98

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