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Silent depression creeps into my life,
Misquided romances and a bitch for a wife.
Creeping flesh at the cost of mistrust,
Give into the fear,take satans lust.
Waiting in the shadows Death's Door opens wide,
Minions of hell come forth wishing me inside.
Their glowing eyes they make me feel free,
Seeking to join them i can sense the need.
This wasted life so alone and confussed,
Trusting in others just to only be used.
Lies and frustrations that burn in my mind,
Wanting out a release i wish to find.
The room smells of death cinders on the floor,
Crying in pain,i wish not this nomore.
Love gone cold ,spirit lost and abanded,
Was all this my life,hell i can't stand it.
Open Deaths Door let me walk inside,
Nomore guilt my heart has died.
Thought of this life as something to cherish,
But was not meant to be,twas never nourished.
Darkness of this room full of gloom and dispair,
Who gives a shit,there is nothing to compare.
Alone and depressed or a death by the knife,
I wish at times i had killed my wife.
Time means nothing to a lost soul as mine,
To continue here would be just a crime.
The door to my freedom is open wide,
Will walk thru it here and step inside.
A rusty dagger upon an empty table,
I walk to it very sure i'm able.
It's blade is dull yet ready to serve,
My blood up cold if i have the nerve.
Just a cut to the wrists will make the blood flow,
But this is a death that would be much to slow.
Rip at the throat,let the blood spill,
But memories would follow,is to slow still.
Eyes slowly close as i knell on the floor,
Looking to the minions waiting at Deaths Door.
Clutching the dagger it's tip to my heart,
This spot will do,has been my pain from the start.
Bloodred tears slowly drift down my cheeks,
From sorrows and pains i have endured for weeks.
No further hurt or this anger shall i continue to feel,
For with a plunge of the blade my fate will be sealed.
Silence takes hold as the blade goes deep,
In only a moment my heart now sleeps.
Minions of hell to Deaths Door i come,
To rest now in peace,my life is now done.....

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