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Dark's Wrath

Out of the darkness a lone figure did arise, Mistrust and despair clearly within his eyes. Shrouded in a dark cloak cape drawn closed, Within his right hand a dead wilted rose. Bloodtears streaming down his dry cracked cheeks, But his silence is clear the darklord does not speak. Upon his right hip the dagger of dark fear, Awaiting it's prey if they dare draw near. Misguided thru time by those he did trust, He took after many with sweet words and lust. But as things come to pass his faith was mislead, By a healer who crossed him for another instead. She came to him within a dark realm of the unholy, And with her spirit and devotion she would love him only. This demon of the night darkwings spread wide, He took to her quickly and stood at her side. His offer of trust and commitment to be her sire, Would soon enough be broken by her foolish desires. Through many adventures the pair took flight, And their closness was felt throughout the night. Hearts drawn close as they soared high above, Would soon be broken by another she loved. The demon once told her your a spirit to me, But alas i feel another in your eyes you see. The life you returned was both honest and true, But this demon is broken his heart is blue. For the touch of the rose her thistles cut thru, This demons love is nomore cared for by you. Now as he roams thru the twighlight of night, He wonders just where her love lost it's might. Was it failure of his devotion that took her away, Or that of the other who said he would stay. Tis of no meaning to recall of such pain, The demons alone,he has lost his reign. As he approches the site where they met in the night, Dark inner feelings tell him it's right. To return to the grave where he once had been, Tears upon his face for the demon can't win. Night myst heavy as he moves to the shore, I feel in her heart she will love me nomore. As the demon looks up to the stars in the sky, A soft silent whisper to his love goodbye. I Demon Darkwings of the lostsouls i do take, My life here and now,her love was a fake. Lords of the dark please take me tonight, My heart is bitter and wish not to fight. As he stands at the shore his darkwings hanging down, He drops to his knees and cries upon the ground. Deep pools of sorrow the blood of his life, He only wished to be near her and claim her a wife. His eyes now closed as the echo of wolves start to scream, He places a black rose on the ground and it gleams. Dark rose of my heart,this is where we part, In all my lone travels you were here from the start. With his head bowed low and as his time is near, An echo from the past the demon can hear. Goodbye my dark one twas fun while it lasted, But you are my friend no love was tested. A dark low growl as the tears hit the ground, With eyes of bloodred he takes one look around. Nobody to touch me, no one cares to see, There all just afraid and wish the death of me. With trembling hands he takes the knife, And rips at his throat to claim his life. As the pool of his blood covers the ground, He looks to the heavens and makes not a sound. Thoughts bitter cold as he slowly falls, Twas not meant to be,to the veltress he calls. Life now over to the lake he returned, Back to hells fire let the demon burn... Sabbath 4/20/99

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