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Darkest Night

Lone figure lost and without hope, A time alone and a time to cope. Figure of a man alone and confused, Desperate times, a love once used. Eyes of sorrow mistrusted and alone, Grey times of thoughts and home. Once loved by another that was so true, now lost and left alone shattered and blue. Adrift in a lost realm of dark loneliness, His heart unwilling to accept the bitterness. This heart now untrusted lost and misplaced. One needing compassion but adrift in disgrace. A cold dark night with a moon blood red, Time to cease a soul whose time is dead. Grim fears of sorrow are now released, Once a heart of love becomes the beast. With tears of red blood filled eyes, Torn by rejection and lonely lies. A quest once sought with an open mind, Now closed off to all they shall not find. Rapture and pain fill his every thought, A desire to to die from pains now sought. This devoured heart shattered and torn, By the feelings of a woman thats scorned. Silently as he crosses the sky at night, Darkwings of the demon drift from sight. Into a realm of bitter sweet memories, He flys slowly off to a place no one sees. Cold fears of the lost angels amidst burning hell, The demon comes down on his knees to satan to sell. Burn bitter spirits to dam with the rest, Claim my soul now for i feel it's best. The lust to survive has now died deep within, Flames of the ungodly take me i give in. This unsought love a joke without winners, For the lame of heart or just for beginners. Standing before the lord of the unholy, Take me with thee for my soul is lonely. DarkWings in hell spread wide and proudly, The demon of the night his soul screams loudly. Darkest night these wings they shall not fly, For the spirit is gone,The demon has died. Sabbath...1/10/99

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