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Crystal Rose

Alone within a soul adrift and lost,
Cast away by the woman he had loved.
An angel she was, his love in life,
Trusted and desired ,she was his wife.
Hope of the Roses, true and Beautiful,
Her love was unmatched, her heart untamed.
Daemons quest to match his desires,
Hope was it,all he wanted to admire.
But time took it's toll upon these two lovers,
Thru mistrust and miss taken words they were sad.
Battling nightly they lost touch with their hearts,
Till the day came when the daemon got mad.
With anger within he finally stepped aside,
Would never be hers again, he could not abide.
Leaving her alone he drifted thru the realms,
Alone and lost, with sorrow and deep hurt inside.
Lost in time,the daemons heart grew cold,
He sold off his riches, he sold off his soul.
Growing despair taken it's toll on his mind,
The Daemon desided that it was now time.
To return to his realm and regain his honor,
Would take time for his respect was at loss.
But many within offered their hands in welcome,
And soon the Daemon was feeling love at low cost.
Then he saw her the woman he would have,
Beauty and faithfulness he saw in her eyes.
Could this be the woman that could settle his heart,
Feelings inside told him,she is not one for lies.
A rose in her hair like the title she did bare,
CrystalNight DarkRose,yes he felt she would care.
Thru a short meeting was all taken clear,
She was the woman he would soon hold near.
One night without warning within hopes home,
He took her to his side and made her his bride.
Hopes eyes full of sorrow,yet strong within,
Her lost love taking another to stand at his side.
With this ring i do wed, Daemon did take,
Crystal that night his heart never to forsake.
Will place her on a pedestal for all to see,
The woman i claim to stand next to me.
Crystal Serapis beauty of the DarkRose,
I take her my wife,and want all to know.
We will live our lives out in love and happiness,
Within the CrystalRose there will never be sadness.
Daemon and Crystal their love will always last,
Let none come between them,their hearts are at rest.
Doors closed to the CrystalRose Palace as all can see,
Two souls in love they will abide by the others needs.
My love to the rose i claim here for life,
Crystal i love are now my wife.
My heart will be one to yours for all to know,
Will never drift,for i have no need to go.
Je t'aime mon amour cherie,
It's us now for all to see.
Sabbath...for Daemons Heart...5/19/99

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