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Mid summers day,
walking alone,
with not much to say.
Heart uncontent,
my life incomplete.
Tears of my sorrows,
Haunt the ground at my feet.
But it is not important,
i'm just Crying in the Rain.
Doves fill the sky,
their beauty fills my eyes.
Roses abloom all around,
Petals falling off,
they cover the ground.
Their sweet scent fills the air,
but alas why should i care.
I'm just Crying in the Rain.
Memories of her life,
Rains down from above.
I look to the heavens,
And can feel her love.
Taken from me so long ago,
Now my life is empty,
Where do i go.
I'm just Crying in the Rain.
As i sit under the tree,
which meant so much to her and me.
Can feel her here,
so close and near.
Her soft whispers i love you,
Claims my heart thats now alone.
I pray that one day,
I may please go home.
I'm just Crying in the Rain.
Forsaken and misguided,
nomore happiness to be known.
I just roam these areas,
where our love was known.
Love gone from me,
I can no longer be.
Close to my love,
No longer shall i see.
I'm just Crying in the Rain.
As i look to the heavens,
where her soul now resides,
Tears claim me fully,
they fill my eyes.
Goodbye my sweet love,
I shall see you above.
In my dreams you shall last,
For there lives my past.
I'm just Crying in the Rain...

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