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Bitter Hearts

Bitter tears, sorrows of love gone bad, Is it time that rips our spirit? this is sad. ***** The feelings between two people joyful and united, It truly is astounding how they can not find it. ***** Is this the way life should truly be, I can not feel it, nor do i care to see. ***** Love a word often spoken and said, Is lost and confussed within the bed. ***** We join in union as our bodies touch and unite, Is it all just for feeling thats gone in one night. ***** Has been there and has seen this so many times, I think love should be banished for it's lies and crimes. ***** Tears shed between us their meaning unclear, One looks to the other a sigh as they hear. ***** Sadness and dispair alone heres a pair, Shall they make it and last, hell i don't care. ***** Would rather see the setting sun in the sky, Then brush away one tear from a hurt ones eyes. ***** Tears mean nothing if the heart is not there, We cry and we lie, cover up if we dare. ***** So tell me you love me with life in your eyes, In time and confussion i shall see thru your lies. ***** This gift we all share called feeling i fear, Will be the downfall of all, I can feel it here. ***** Distrust and misfortune two words i know well, The story of my life but to whom do i tell. ***** So be it this way am to cold deep within, I let it all go shall take a chance once again. ***** But as in all things it will never last, Has seen it before it's all in my past. ***** Don't tell me you love me i sigh at this sound, Just say you'll be with me i'll then stay around. ***** Bitter sorrows of two hearts that go cold, By a four letter word our hearts had told. ***** Love no never just closeness will stay alive, Trust in this and stay together and survive. ***** I write this for one she knows what i feel, Between her heart and mine our loss is now sealed. ***** An Angel and Demon their souls cold as ice, They shall try to be close though neither is nice. ***** I look to this woman once loved deep within, We both new long ago we could never give in. ***** She leaves from my sight no more shall we share, Which one was at fault, It's over and lost nobody cares. ***** Two DarkWinged figures fly in the night, One last look on eachother then their gone from sight. ***** Sabbath...3/16/99

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