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Thirst for love this one true romance,
I see her draw near as she takes a glance.
Necromancy i claim to take her will,
Shall take her heart, and make it feel.
With seed one,
The spell's begun.
No need to worry your needs i'll match,
Shall take you in and secure the latch.
The door draws closed without a sound,
Tis you and I there's no one around.
With seed two,
My wish comes true.
Eyes aflame as our passion slowly begins,
Her feelings are cleared,his strength does win.
Come to me i shall place my mark,
Like the rising moon above the wings of a lark.
With seed three,
She comes to me.
A careless whisper as she walks to me,
Her heart beats faster as she looks to see.
The gaze in my eyes calling out to her,
She feels content,yet she is still unsure.
With seed four,
She kneels to the floor.
My hand on her shoulder i take her in,
The essence of love shall soon begin.
Rise my dear and touch the spirit within,
Is not wrong to love me,tis not a sin.
With seed five,
Our love thrives.
She stands there before me,her eyes interact,
With no more confussion there is nothing we lack.
Her robe slowly falls to the floor between us,
With eyes gently locked she feels my lust.
With seed six,
The spell is fixed.
I kiss her lips and all becomes clear,
Her heart is now mine,can feel her near.
Have claimed my right to take her tonight,
Locked in love we shall forever unite.
With seed seven,
All is done.
No need to feel uncertain thoughts,
You are now my love there is no loss.
Caress my hands and feel my fire,
Your now and forever mine,as i am your sire.
Your bound to me,
And i to thee.
We two seeds,
Are now one tree.
now and forever,
So may it be....
Sabbath 5/22/99

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