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Running thru a field of tall grass,
Her hand in mine,true love at last.
Laughing as we fall to the ground,
Looking around no others to be found.
As we look deep into eachothers eyes,
Love is within and there are no sighs.
Our closeness so felt over time,
Knowing within her love is all mine.
Leaning down placing a kiss to her lips,
As my hand slowly trails over her hips.
Feeling the softness of her body close to mine,
As we move closer together the sun begins to shine.
Whispering her name, it echoes thru the air,
Telling her my love is true and she's aware.
She trails her fingers over my cheek,
Her warm touch is all i ever seeked.
In the distance a faint sound we hear,
Sitting up we look to see who is there.
A whistle thru the air can be heard,
Then her voice cries out but it is slurred.
As i look i see her fall back to the ground,
She lies there quiet not making a sound.
An archers arrow within her heart,
I cry out what do i do,where do i start.
Sencing his presense i slowly turn,
As my eyes turn pale and start to burn.
Why..why my friend,what did we do,
As he replies i'm sorry i did not see you.
Leaning over her upon my knees,
Crying my god don't take her please.
Holding her tightly in my arms,
I feel her breath shallowed and harmed.
Her eyes weakly look up and they are fixed on mine,
I love you my dark one,please hold me it's time.
Tears creep slowly down her pale cheeks,
As she tries to touch my face and softly speak.
Please be well my prince the time has come,
Tell me again you love me and hold me some.
Will always be with you though you may not see,
Be well my love and always think of me.
As her arm falls from her touch to my cheek,
I feel her spirit depart and start to seek.
Her destiny now she looks for her path,
As i look to the heavens i cry out in wrath.
Take her and love her as i always will,
I shall forever be hers and love her still.
Laying her back on the ground he cries.
This i swear,i love he sighs.
Placing a white rose upon her now still heart,
A whisper as he kisses her,have loved you from
the start.
Laying close to her he silently cries out loud,
Then without another word,there is no more sound.
His love now taken without any reason,
will cherish her memories thru every season.
Closing his eyes he holds her near,
will protect you my love do not fear........
Sabbath 5/27/99

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