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Team Information

All the way back from week 1 at Hoxie to Week 10 against Trumann,it sure wasnt the season the Bobcats deserved from all the hard work and effort they gave,but they did play their guts out and they do deserve the utmost respect from football fans everywhere for going up against some of the best teams in the state this season and actually giving most of them a hard time.

It is no longer front page news about the resignation of Bobcat head coach Mike Smith,but incase you have not been informed about that yet,He is being forced to pass the helm on due to medical reasons he has been suffering from for quite some time now.We are still in good hands,though,with his younger brother Mark taking over and keeping the tradition of Bobcat football going.No time is being wasted as the Cat's are already looking forward to next season and have recently begun their off-season work outs.Look for the Cats' to be much stronger next season as they will field some starters from last season along with some new faces that I will introduce you to later on.Many people will be stepping up into new positions,though,and we look to have some decent depth next year compared to last year.It will be tough,though,replacing the majority of the line from last year.I will continue to keep you updated as the off season continues.