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Week 10 Vs' Trumann

In the final week of the season for the Bobcats,the Wildcats of Trumann came to town for a showdown and a much bigger game than expected.The Bobcats drove 75 yards in less than five minutes to take the early 7-0 lead.Taken by suprise,the Wildcats featured their 270 lb. college prospect fullback and middle linebacker,Gary Mcllwaine.He tied the score 6-6 with his powerful running.Bobcat Craig Hopkins blocked the field goal to keep the Wildcats out of the lead.They scored again early in the second quarter of play to make it 14-6 at the half.

Trumann was slowed on power plays but mixed outside runs until the Bobcats wore down in the final quarter.Then Trumann's big backfield pounded away for yardage.In the third quarter, Trumann scored their third touchdown of the night,then capitalized on a Bobcat fumble at the 10-yard line.Trumann had to settle for a field goal to lead 24-6.

The Bobcats continued to move the ball. In the fourth quarter, Mitchell Hovis Hit running back Craig Hopkins from 27 yards out for Corning's second touchdown.Hopkins also put the two point conversion in to make it a 10 point game.Later in the fourth quarter,Hovis intercepted a Wildcat pass adn advanced it to the 17 yd. line.In the closing minutes,though,Trumann's Mcllwain scored again to make the final score 30-14.The game was the final matchup of the season for the Bobcats and the last game for Bobcat coach Mike Smith,who has had the helm for more than 25 years.