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Week 8 at East Poinsett Coutny

It was a big game for Coach Mike Smith last Friday night as he led his Bobcats to the small town of Lepanto for a match against his former school that he had coached before coming to Corning.Although it was a big game,it was anything but pretty for the Bobcats who suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Warriors of East Poinsett County, 41-6.

"I'm not disappointed with our effort," Smith says."We didnt quit despite the fact that their first team stayed on the field until the final minutes." "We played hard and were able to slow down their offense in the third and fourth quarters."

Smith agrees that EPC's speed and lack of Bobcat team depth mad a difference in the game. "Their quickness made us look bad at times, but there's nothing you can do when someone is that fast," Smith says.Corning will host the Warriors of Westside next week in the final home game for the Cats' in the 1998 season.