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Week 3 at Clay Co. Central

In what was clearly a mismatch from the beginning, the Corning Bobcats manhandled the Cougars of Clay Co. Central last Friday night by the score of 28-14.Corning came out fighting and easily taking a 22-0 lead at halftime with a pair of Guy Williams touchdowns and a 43 yard pass from quarterback Mitchell Hovis to # 88, Paul Ladyman. It was the longest passing play from the Bobcat offense so far this year as Ladyman was clearly wide open and made the play for the Cats'.

The second half didn't completely go the way the Cats' expected as the cougars held them to only one more touchdown and scored two more for themselves. Corning expected to give the backups plenty of time the second half, but the Cougars got things together on defense and held the Cats' to a lot of short-yardage plays with their blitzing linebackers.

The Cats' did win, but also suffered a few minor injuries in the process. Running backs Craig Hopkins and Guy Williams got banged up a little bit, but are expected to start next week.The win marked the third consecutive win for the Cats' and the third consecutive loss for the Cougars. Corning will travel to Harrisburg next week to take on the Hornets on their homecoming night. Kick-off is set for 7:30 p.m.