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Week 2 against Salem

All I can say about this game is if you weren't there, you have no ideal what a great game you missed!In the home opener for the Corning Bobcats,the Salem Greyhounds were the next victim to fall to the Cats' as they were whipped 30-14 in their second straight loss. By no means did the final score indicate what kind of battle this game really was.The Greyhounds came out fighting and quickly took the game into their own hands with two consecutive first quarter touchdowns to take an early 14-0 lead over the Cats'.The Salem quarterback,#12,kept the Corning defense cold as he gradually picked them apart with his accurate passing attack and his running ability.It was the Bobcats,though,that took control of the game after the second touchdown by Salem and didnt let it go again.As soon as the bobcat offense got on the field after the Salem touchdown,it was there to stay as they gradually wore down the greyhound defense similar to the way Salem did in the beginning.Unlike Salem,though,the bobcats relied on outstanding blocking by the offensive line and alot of hard running by #24 Craig Hopkins and #29 Guy Williams.It seemed to work as the Cats' put two touchdowns on the board before intermission and led 16-14 at the half.

The momentum didnt stop during halftime for the Cats'as they again were able to run on the greyhound defense on the opening drive of the second half all the way down the field to about the greyhound 5 yd.line before fumbling the ball on a fourth down run.The defense capitolized on many greyhound mistakes, though,to give the offense the opportunities they needed to score two more touchdowns in the game.A Micheal Black interception and a fumble recovery by #53 Matt Davis,along with a very good job by the speciality teams,allowed the offense to again run all over the hounds' and take their momentum away as they grew tired and ran out of gas losing for the second strait week.The Cats' won the game 30-14 and will travel to Rector, AR next week for a showdown against the Clay Co.Central Cougars,who are winless so far this season.Corning played without offensive gaurd Justin Bippus who was injured last week at Hoxie.