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Raffles (British' Liutenant-Governor of Bencoolen) visited Batak land on February 1820. His ship had to put in for water at Tapanuli, a very large bay a quarter of the way down the Sumatra coast to Bencoolen. The country here was inhabited by a proto-Malay race called the Bataks. His friend Marsden, in his History of Sumatra, had said the Bataks were cannibals. So had some earlier Portuguese explorers. There was something too in Marco Polo's 'Travels' to that effect. Raffles found 'the Bataks are not a bad people, notwithstanding they eat one another. They are not savages, for they write and read, and think as much or more than those brought up in our national school'. He admits that 'the Bataks' 'state of society is very peculiar'.
North Sumatra Province Map

Marga-marga : There are at least 451 margas, below is some of it. The Tarombo (still under construction), you can see now on Tarombo page.

Tarombo SiRajaBatak. Tarombo Si Raja Lontung.


Samosir lies in the midst of the Batak country. The principal Batak tribes live around the lake-on the shore the Toba's, on the east the Timurs, on the north the Karos, and on the west the Pakpaks(Dairi). All these regard Samosir as their homeland, and it may therefore be surmised that this island contains all sorts of ancient relics, of the great interest to study of the Bataks. The oldest Batak tribes settled in this region. The marga (above) is a geneaological unit and owns the Batak ground.

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Batak Karo house

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