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This Page Last Updated January 10, 2000
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The Arthur Rackham Society was founded in 1984 to share enthusiasm and exchange information about the illustrator, as well as to encourage book collecting, the art of book illustration, and high quality in the production of children's books. The Society currently has members in the United States, England, Canada, and Switzerland.

The Society publishes a Journal three or four times a year and welcomes contributions, including questions, letters, articles, and photocopies of original Rackham drawings and paintings. We seek to be a central source of information for researchers on where to view Rackham material (books, original paintings, sketches, letters, diaries, journals, advertisements, etc.), particularly material in private hands. We will keep such information confidential if desired, simply forwarding any inquiries to the owner.

The Society hosts biennial international meetings in North America and Great Britain. These meetings are announced in the Journal.

Member services include maintenance and provision of:

  1. Lists of Sources of Rackham Materials.
  2. Listings of Modern Reprints, Limited Signed Editions, Foreign Language Editions, Biographies and Bibliographies, and Rackham-Illustrated Books Suitable for Children.
  3. Lists of Members Willing to Share their Names and Addresses.
  4. Information on Libraries, Museums, and Other Collections of Rackham Books and Paintings.

For further information and a complimentary copy of the Journal, write to:

The Arthur Rackham Society
10 Cameron Place
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230

or you can use the logo at left to submit our General Site Comment Form.


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