Kumusta po kamo? Dagos tabi kamo sa harong ko ^**^. Welcome to my Webpage. Hi! My name is Leny. I was born in Estanza, Legazpi City,Provine of Albay (Region V) PHILIPPINES.

To those who do not know about the name ESTANZA comes from here's the origin myths of my birthplace. The small Barangay of Estanza has two myths. This is what they said, why it was called ESTANZA.

ESTANZA - is located along the slope of a hill. The house are built in ladder type progressive along the slopes. Because its topography, the place was called by the SPANIARDS who charted the place as ESTANZA.

Another version of how ESTANZA came to be called is as follows: Before the SPANIARDS arrived, the place was cattle ranch. Upon reaching the place, the SPANIARDS who were charting the place wrote the name ESTANCIA which means CATTLE RANCH. But the natives prefer to call their place ESTANZA pressumably because the topographical characteristics prevailed over the existence of the cattle ranch. Or Simply ESTANZA - a barrio named after its glazing island.

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