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A page dedicated to Aj Mclean

LAST UPDATED 1/6/00: Welcome to my page dedicated to Aj Mclean. A wonderful creative singer and young performer. Not only is he beautiful but so is his voice. Don't you just love him. Last but never least I want to thank Backstreet.Net or ( site is great.Another big thanks goes out to Angelfire. THANKS GUYS!!! If You Don't Like AJ McLean Then Leave Because I'm Pretty Sure You Can Find Someone Else To Rage On.Don't Wast Your TIME!!!

Favorite Sites for Backstreet Boys

Official Backstreet Website

Here are some of my fav Aj pictures.Check Out the NEW pics at the bottom.A HUGE thanks to BECKY for (Aj latest tattoo). I think you'll like it. PS: I'v moved some pics to Aj pictures Pt.4

Aj Loding On the Tour Bus
Aj By a sign in Bk and Wh
Aj cornrolls bk and wh
Aj playing a guitar bk and wh
Aj Lifting Weights
Aj Desert
Aj Ruffrider 3
Aj Too fine
Aj Millennium Concert
Aj Main Picture
Aj Millennium outfit
Aj flying high
NEW!!!Aj window pose
NEW!!!Aj wall pose
NEW!!!Aj yellow arms folded
NEW!!!Aj deep think
NEW!!!Aj cowboy yellow rider
NEW!!!Aj golfing
NEW!!!Aj with a smerk
Aj Pictures Pt.2

Here a some other features on my site(A sound wave, Letters to Aj and The 411 on The Funky One).If you have a question or just want to E-mail me. Click at the very bottom.

A phone message by Aj
A Valentines message from Aj
Letters to Aj
The 4ll on Aj Mclean
Aj And Amanda
Shout Out To All You Aj Fans