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Aaliyah has a lazy eye!
This one of the most popular Aaliyah RUMORS. People think that she has a lazy eye because she wears her hair in front of her eye all the time. This is just her style. She has NO fake eye what so ever...

Aaliyah had a baby with R.Kelly!
This is a rumor that is giving Aaliyah a bad name. "She was married at 15, what a ho". This is what people are sayin bout her cause they think this stupid ass lie is true. AALIYAH WAS NOT MARRIED TO R.KELLY AND SHE DID NOT HAVE A BABY WITH HIM! So if you think see this or hear anyone say this set them straight because this shit is messed up.

Aaliyah did not like Brandy and Monica!
This again is another RUMOR that people say about Aaliyah. Aaliyah never dis-liked Brandy or Monica. She isnt that kind of person. brandy Monica and Aaliyah are friends not enemies. Aaliyah says "that everybody brings something different to the table and she thinks brandy is all good"

Lil Zane is hookin up with Aaliyah!
This is one of the newer Rumors bout Aaliyah. People are thinkin that Lil Zayne is gonna hook up with Aaliyah. This is not true because he is only 17 and she does not like him.

Aaliyah and Ginuwine Dated!
NO they did not date. Aaliyah and Ginuwine are just really close friends. They're like brothers and sisters. In fact, when they recorded "Final Warning" for Ginuwine's album, they played around so much that they didnt get that much work done

Aaliyah is a lez w/Missy!
NO!!! This a very fucked up RUMOR!! Aaliyah is straight as can be. When interviewed On Wild 949, DJ JV asked if she ever had sexual feelings over a lady or if she would do anything sexual with a female. Aaliyah of course said no. And to the people who think this RUMOR is true yall need to stop cause its all bullshit!

Aaliyah has Breast Cancer!
Aaliyah DOES NOT have breast cancer. She is a member of the American Cancer Society. Her grandma and aunt passed away with breast cancer. She believes that people should be aware with all types of cancer. She is focusing on breast cancer because it her family but SHE DOES NOT have it.

Aaliyah is half asian and half black.
From what I know, Aaliyah's parents are 100% black which means that she is also 100% black and therefore shows she is not mixed with anything else.

Aaliyah's new album is called the Big A!
This is one of the new rumors. Somebody started this that had an Aaliyah site. They also had a track listing for what they think will be The Big A. Well this is not true and if you see a track listing anywhere or hear anything about The Big A it is a false listing. Aaliyahs new album WILL NOT be titled The Big A.

Aaliyah is dating Jay-Z and new rumors to come!
Aaliyah was recently at the release party for Lil Kim's new album and rumors have already started about other attendants to that party. So just incase one starts on Aaliyah you shoudl know that they are NOT true AT ALL! Also the rumor of Aaliyah and Jay-Z dating is FALSE! Aaliyah said on a radio interview that there is nothing between them and that they are ONLY good friends...

Fake Track Listing!
There is a fake track listing going around on the internet for Aaliyah's 3rd album. If you see this listing anywhere just know that it is fake. The listing looks like this:

1. Beep Beep (Intro) Performed by MISSY ELLIOT
2. Can't Nobody (featuring USHER)
3. Next To You
4. No More
5. Stay
6. I Remember
7. The First Time (featuring SISQO and JAZZ)
8. My Everything
9. Make It Right (featuring KELLY PRICE)
10. My Sweet Baby
11. When I Look In Your Eyes
12. If He Knew
13. Goodbye To Yesterday
14. I Miss You
15. It's Killing Me
16. If He Knew (So So Def Remix)(featuring Jermaine Dupri and Jagged Edge)

Song Title/Album Title!
There is a new rumor going around that Aaliyah has a new song out called "Aaliyah Always" or that her new album will be called "Aaliyah Always". I just want to let you all know that this is nothing but a minor rumor. So if you hear this anywhere, ignore it...
Aaliyah and Damon Dash Dating?
Richard Johnson from The New York Times made an report on Aaliyah and Damon Dash dating and playfighting in public titled "Aaliyah: Fun Couple". The article reads:
The hottest record executive in the hip-hop world has hooked up with a simmering R&B star. Damon Dash, CEO of Roc-a-Fella Records, has been seeing Aaliyah. The two are "inseparable," sources said, and share a bizarre sense of humor. "They like to go around and make scenes in hotels where Aaliyah starts screaming at Damon, saying he beats her." Dash plays along by turning on her and yelling, "Shut up, woman!" Once they've got everyone's attention, the two of them crack up "they think it's fun," a source said.
Although it is true that Damon and Aaliyah ARE DATING the story of them acting this scene in public is a rumor!...

To All the Aaliyah Haters!
I just want to say to all the Aaliyah haters that just because Aaliyah is famous and pretty and you are jealous (or whatever you are) you dont need to go around talkin shit about her and spreading rumors to make other people hate her because thats just wrong and you need to stop it now. And Aaliyah fans if you hear or see someone talkin shit about Aaliyah or spreadin rumors please set them straight becuase us as Aaliyah fans need to stop all this hate. Thanx...Steve

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