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World War II Tribute

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President Signs Declaration Of War

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World War II was The most horrible war of the twentieth century.More People died in World Wae II than any war before or since(estimates range from 50 to 100 million dead)

War War II began in 1939 when Herr Hitler invaded Poland and ended on The USS Missouri when General Douglas MacArthur accepted the Japenese Surender in 1945

The United States entered The War when The Japenese struck Pear Harbor

World War II gave us the gas chambers and the Holocaust (Hitler Killed 6 Million Jews)

Mass atrocities were carried out by The Gernans and the Japanese.

Man's cruelty and inhumanity to his fellow man was proportionate to his ingenuity in finding new and more efficient ways to kill!

World War II also produced great allied leaders Some of whom are in the Slide Show Below

On This page is a photo slide show of a few of these Leaders!

Remagen Bridge

Below Are Posters Used During WWII

Page by Retired Esquire
Background is ofD-Day 1944

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