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Vzones Must Be Stopped

Hmm....Well Vzones is a virtual world ( and parent and children are being infected with a Vzonesitus (addiction to vzones) and it must be stopped. Parents just ignore their kids like their not there, with the lines: "Mmhmmm" and "I'm Busy" and "*Silence*". Lemme put it like this, if you gotta bring food (that you just cooked) to the desk to play a game that the screen doesn't even move, then thats pathetic. If you gotta run to the bathroom and come right back to the computer just to play this damn game, thats pathetic. If your keyboard is missing letters from over usage and typing too much, then theres a problem there. If you need a screen saver cuz you might think your family/friends might steal your "pixels" and/or drop them, god forbid that ever happen, the world will end if it does. My name is Josh, and i am anti-vzones. Pfft....excuses and blaming someone else just to earn 100 tokens an hours in vzones is sad.....having a folder on ur desktop saving messanges, and having T-Shirts and screensavers, and coffee cups, and god damn badges saying your god damn Vzones name is sad. Me, i play competitive on the computer, but i knwo how to get away from the screen when i want to, i have a girlfriend as well and she comes before anything, my comp could burn, break and make sounds that chewbacca with a cherry stuck in its throught and i still wouldn't care cuz she comes first. Anyways back to Vzones, not to get off topic. If you play on vzones and grow old and start glueing your shit liek cups and shit to the ground and table and start pretending you can paint your skin...............thats sad, but would be rather funny. $10 a month that could be used on food, or gas, or other necessaties is being wasted on this shit. My opinion: I could stare at rice crispies "crackling" away and still be more entertained then this place. Woot, you can add snow and Hey! You can make a Halloween locale and WOW! you can have your own turf, you think I care. I mean damn, the world isn't even detailed graphically. I can say these things because I'm exercising my 1st Amendment ( freedom of speech, press, religious liberty, assembly, and petition).