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Meteorologist Pictures
This is how a Meteorologist Announces the weather on TV. They display the information on a big screen so everyone can see it. The Meteorologist have to explain what is going on with the information they are giving. To present they have to first gather information about what they are going to say and do. They have to concentrate really good.Meteorologist use some otgher kind of technology to predict the weather and to give the most possible information.In the display infomation they show, they display the map of the USA and show the weather conditions of each state and they show different colors,ans those diffrent colors represent a different weather condition. For example red is when it's really hot, green is when is raining, blue is when is snowing and so on. Weather Click on pic to see it bigger

This are some definitons about the weather. They have to do with the earth and the meteorlogist career.Some have are raltative words about the daily weather and some are about the atmosphere and about meteorologist.
The cureent temperature
The degree of heat in the air
rain, sleet, snow, or hail that fails from the clouds
When the air moves
When water falls
Air Perssure
is the force of the air pressing on an object in all directions
Cold Front
s the forward edge of a mass of cold air moving into an area of warmer air.
Warm Front
is the forward edge of a mass of warm air that is rising over an area of colder air.
When Wind speed is measured.
Cold Front
is the forward edge of a mass of cold air moving into an area of warmer air.
occur when a large area of warm air rises, cools and condenses forming a huge, tall thundercloud
forms when air masses of different temperatures collide
forms over a large, warm ocean or water body in areas of low pressure.
is when changes direction with the seasons every year.