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"Career Information"

This is the way that a pitcher pitches
This is a softball practice machine.
This is how the batters position is.
This is a Softball Field.

There are many reasons why I would like to study for a Softball Player.First of all I am a big fan of the LA Dodgers, They are great for me that I am a lady is softball. This ia a sport that doesn't maintain you that activite but you get to show what you got. When people see playing they have their full attention on you if wether you are going to hit the ball or if you are just going to strike down. This is a career that will make me proud I can demonstrate what I've got. Also because you get to work as a team help others and for others to help you. Its also not a career were you are lock up in an office is a career were you train in fresh good air.Also because you compete with others you fight to win the championship and for you to be seen as the best ones. Many decisions make me think that softball is my sport another reason is because you'r exercising no matter what and people who love you will always be there cheering for you and that's what makes a player Proud!

The second Career that I have in mind is for a Meteorologist= to study for tornadoes. I am a person whos basically always worry about the the weather. I would like to study this career because is not common in many persons.The reason why is because it sounds interesting, adventurerest and fun. Yes, tornadoes can be hard to study but if your a smart person everything is possible. I don't want to let by any opportunity.I would like to work for NASA if possible.Meteorologist dont win that bad. If you work in a channel you might get pay $150,000.00 a year.They also hane good benefits.There are meteorologist for media,to study for the atmisphere and to detect the weather. Ofcourse I want to study for the media. i would like to work in a spanish channel.But my only problem is that I am a shy person but I am sure that I won't be once I grow up.

Studing tornadoes might be hard at the same time
because you really do need to know what your job is. You really do need to concentrate because what about if you predict the weather bad or if you don't know what you'r doing? Thats why it not might be easy. A meteorologist needs alot of patience and for you to like it. For example like me I am willing to do everything that is necessary as long as I get wee I want. My family thinks that this is agreat career and I am happy that I want to study for something that is worthy and for a career were I will always have a job.

If a meteorologist later on will seem a hard career I would like to study for a newsreporter.This career is all about anouncing news. Its an easy job basically you work in the TV and its a good pay career. If your bilingual its even better. You can get a job in many news channels such as 4,11,13 and etc.But as I preffer I would like to work in an spanish channel since it's basically the language that I most speack. This career also offers you many benefits and good results. Its a fun career were you know and let others also learn.I am sure that if i decide to study for this career I will for sure enjoy it.

What make the newsreporter career fun & interesting is the fact that you get to travel to many countries and places. You get to meet places you don't even know. Its a career were you have to move from one to place to another.Also you get to meet other persons(newsreporters)you get to work as a team and explore and gather all that information,which is great. This is what I love a career were you'r not in one place. Because being in only one place makes you career and working hours bore. Im sure that if I decide to study for this career I will be so proud of my self and I will be a great person in the future. All I need to do is study hard get A's and to attend college. I will never ever give up on the things that I want to do in my future because I dont want to be a looser and waste my time in a factory were I will win a misery. Thats why I want to make myself and specially my mom who I really love to be proud of me. So if you have a dream never give up because of that career is were you are going to live from.